Cadac Spares UK Buyers Guide

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Types of Cadac bbq – Identify your Cadac before you buy spares

The fist step is to identify your Cadac model here we will concentrate on two types. First, the small safari chef then the larger grillo and carri chef (these are the ones on legs) the number after the name (ie safari chef 30) reflects the size of the cooking surface in cm.

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If you are unsure what model you have then you should be able to find the information on the silver label on the underside of your Cadac.

Type of Cadac

Lable On Underside

Type of Cadac Shown on Cable

Shown in Highlight

Cadac replacement parts – most popular Cadac spare parts required.

Largely your Cadac should last for many years particularly if looked after.  I have had my safari Chef (original) for six years without an issue.  Cadac do however provide many different spare parts the most popular show below.

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Cadac Safari Spare Parts – (The Small One)

The most likely replacement part for the Safari is the hose.  This is because it can kink being low to the ground or table.

At the same time that you replace the hose you may require the connector.

Cadac Gas Cartridge for the Safari

With some safari Cadac bbq’s you can add a gas cartridge.  This is ideal if you are off out for a picnic or on a fishing trip.

Cadac Accessories

There are many different accessories available for your portable Cara’s barbecue. Many of these accessories will enhance your Cadac experience or protect the barbecue or even both. 

Cadac accessories can also make a great gift idea as they are for the most part, inexpensive.  You also don’t need to be an expert to buy a Cadac accessories as a gift, as most of the items would be both used and appreciated by the receiver of the gift.

Cadac Covers

Even though your Cadac is portable you may like to leave it outside.  A cover is the best option to keep your Cadac clean and protect it from the weather until you are ready to pack it away.

cadac leg bag



Cadac Grill Plate Accessory

The Cadac grill plate is a central part of and Cadac.  Over time the grill plate may need replacing.  Hear are the appropriate grill plate accessories for each of the models mentioned above.


Cadac Leg Bag

The legs on the Cadac Carri chef and Carri chef 2 detach.  this bag is ideal to store and carry the legs to protect them from both loss and damage.

Non Original Cadac Safari Bag

A replacement bag from Cadac can be more expensive and is only available from Cadac direct.  This bag is a great alternative at a lower cost.

Cadac Gas Bottle Fittings

Gas bottle fittings can become worn over time.  You may even need to join the gas pipe so that you can have two different types of regulator so that you can use your cadac with both your carava bbq point and with your patio gas at home as shown here:

use coupler for cadac gas bottle fitting



Cadac Smoker Box Accessory

The smoker accessory is a great accessory to add to and Cadac barbecue.  You fill the Cadac smoker box with smoking chips and add them to the bbq.  Once the chips start to smoke you can then add your food for a great flavour.


Cleaning The Cadac Grill Plate

The best Place to clean the Cadac is whilst at the caravan site, using the wash room.  You can get the main off the Cadac using the Cadac brush shown below.  The safari is small enough to go in most dish washers when you get home.  For the larger Cadac’s you may be best to get busy with the washing up liquid.  For a deep clean of your Cadac you may like to try the official Cadac Barbecue cleaner.  It has great reviews and is pictured below.

Cadac Brush Accessory

Cadac Barbecue Cleaner

Cadac Trio Power Pack

The Cadac trio Power Pack is an ideal option is you want to use your cadac out and about and you are not able to screw a gas cartridge directly into the Cadac.


Cadac Pizza Stone

Cadac provide a great pizza stone.  you can read more in our guide : How to cook pizza on a Cadac BBQ


In conclusion, you can see there are many different accessories available for each type of barbecue shown here. You may like to return to this page in the future as we will continue to add products as we find them. 




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