Cooking steak on a Cadac Bbq

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Cooking steak on a Cadac bbq or at home in a pan is very very simple, however so many people get it wrong. After all it isn’t as simple as cooking pizza on a Cadac bbq

What ever cut off steak you prefer be it T bone, sirloin or filet, the fear is that you will mess it up and let’s be honest steak ain’t cheap.

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Why do people ruin a Steak when cooking on a Cadac

The reason that most people ruin steak is through that fear. They generally over cook it through fear of under cooking or vice versa.

So I’m not a chef. But I can get chef like results by following a simple method that I saw Gordon Ramsey follow on a TV show many years ago.

It produces a juicy steak that is full of colour on the outside and graded pink on the inside.

I do tend to spend a fortune on steak, but with this method you can get Miller and Carter results and neighbour Carvaners will be more than impressed.

This method is so simple that, if I’m honest I can get fantastic results even in the dark whilst pissed. Think what you could do in the light sober.


  • Fillet steak
  • Three table spoons of olive oil

That’s it!


Warning – The method described in this recipe may be dangerous. 




Most people would naturally cook the steak on the bbq grill.

Don’t do this.  You risk drying out the steak as you will loose all of the juices out of the meat.

Instead, set up your Cadac with the hot plate (smooth side not griddle) and you will also need to put the lid on.

Turn on the Cadac full flame.

Put a few (3 or 4) table spoons or an unmeasured good glue of olive oil onto the hot plate.

Put the lid on and wait.

The Cadac will stars to smoke. Leave it… until it really smokes!

Next very very carefully as this is dangerous.

Take off the lid and drop the steak in from a height of about 3 inches. This will cause the fat to catch fire. Put the lid on and start a 2 minute timer on your phone.

After one minute turn the steak.

At two minutes remove the steak onto a plate and leave it to rest for another two minutes.

You don’t need to cut it to see if it is cooked to your liking, it won’t be.  The heat in the steak will slow it to continue cooking.

Serve the steak onto your plate and pour over the steak the juice off the resting plate.

I can’t emphasise enough how careful you should be with the hot oil and the flames produced by this method.

It is however very impressive to anyone watching. It the best way to show how good Cadac barbecues are in my opinion.

Frequently asked questions


Q) What if you want your steak well done?

A) I only have the timings for a steak that is well done on the outside and a gradient of pink on the inside. It will be as simple as cooking for longer.

I would try 3 minutes total (a minute and a half each side) but it will be a bit of trial and error as I don’t know how well done you like your steak.

Q)  Can you cook a steak inside the awning

A)  No never cook anything on the bbq inside the awning. Further to that, keep the Cadac away from the side of the caravan and any wind breakers particularly if you are deliberately causing flames.

Q)  What do you put with a steak and can that be cooked on the bbq?

A)  I tend to cook my steak with chips in the airfryer or a jacket potato in the halogen oven. Also we share a bowl of salad and a bottle of wine of course!


Q)  Would you add anything else to the steak?

A)  You can add Stilton cheese, Diane sauce or even a tomato salsa sauce or dip.  I also like mustard mayo but more with chicken.


Q)  Can you use any other type of oil?

A)  Yes some of the infused olive oils can add flavor particularly the garlic infused oil.


Q)  Is this meal suitable for vegetarians or vegans?

A)  Seriously, are you actually taking the mick?




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