Halogen Oven for Caravans – Small Bowl, Great for Touring

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Many people with tourers are turning to the halogen oven for caravans instead of using the traditional fitted oven.  There are benefits but also some advice that you will want to follow if you want your halogen bulb to last more than a couple of weeks!

What is a halogen oven?

A halogen oven is a glass bowl, with a lid that houses a circular halogen bulb and a fan.  They are generally self cleaning heat up quickly and are very easy to use.

What can you cook in a halogen oven?

You can cook most things in a halogen oven that you can cook in a traditional oven.  The only thing to consider is that you need to be able to lift the food in and out of the bowl so it’s not so good for Pizza’s etc as space in an issue.

Halogen ovens are fantastic for jacket / baked potatoes,  Chicken, roast beef, lamb or pork.  Oven chips, pies (with foil), sausages, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes. Everything but the egg!

Why is a halogen oven good for touring caravans?

There are several reasons why halogen ovens are popular with caravaners.

  1. They are easy to clean – People want to spend their time enjoying their caravan not cleaning it.  After use just put about an inch of water in the bowl with some washing up liquid and turn the oven on low for about five minutes.  The fan will move the water around the bowl and the halogen bulb will heat the water.  You can then tip away the dirty water and wipe out the glass bowl.
  2. On a caravan site the electricity is usually included in the price of your pitch. Where as the gas in your caravan you have had to purchase.  This means that you can save money by using the caravan sites electricity.
  3. Because the halogen oven has a fan it cooks faster than a traditional cooker.  This means you can spend more time on your holiday relaxing instead of cooking.
  4. You can reduce cooking smells in your caravan by placing the halogen oven in your awning.
  5. If you have purchased an older caravan and the cooker isn’t working then it will be a lot less expensive to use a halogen oven than to replace the broken cooker.

Are there any Downsides to touring with a halogen over?

Space – The oven has to be stored somewhere whilst not in use.

Vibration  – When towing your caravan it is advisable to take the lid off your halogen oven and place it on the bed or sofa on top of some pillows to reduce vibration from the road.

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Here are our favourite halogen ovens suitable for touring caravans

(In Size Order Small to large)


Halowave Self-cleaning halogen oven that cooks food faster and healthier - White
  • Over 35% faster than a traditional oven
  • Grills, bakes, defrosts and roasts
  • Air-fry without extra fat and oil
  • No need to pre-heat
  • Defrost and roast meats straight from frozen


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FiNeWaY Electric 17L Halogen Air Fryer Oven with Extension Ring with Self Cleaning Function – Adjustable Thermostat – 60 Min Timer – Healthy Cooking – 1400W
  • MULTI FUNCTION AIR FRYER: Grill, roast, steam, fry, barbecue, defrost & more.Beneficial in a number of ways, you get the delicious oven-baked taste with the convenience of microwave cooking.
  • POWERFUL OVEN: This halogen air fryer delivers a powerful 1400w output for a fast and efficient cooking while the air circulating technology allows for little or no oil to be used for healthier meals.
  • ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE CONTROL - Adjustable temperature control ensures your food is cooked correctly and perfectly. Variable temperature controls ranging from 125 to 250 degrees
  • SELF CLEANING FUNCTION: The oven has the added benefit of having a self cleaning function. Simply put 2" Of water in the bottom then set temperature at 100° for 10-12 minutes.
  • 60 MIN TIMER - The integrated 60-minute variable timer allows you to set your timer for when it suits you to start frying - perfect for busy people on the move and for perfect results



Halogen ovens are great.  We used one for a long time and we even used it at home we were so impressed.  Like anything they have their limitations, however I would say that they are excellent value for the results that they produce.

Caravan Cooking Tips

  1. If you want to cook a roast joint in your caravan then wrap the meat in foil.  Pre cook your roast potatoes in the caravan microwave then place them around your meat.
  2. If you are cooking a pie then cover it in foil.  Wrap the foil under the pie, or the fan will blow it around inside the bowl.
  3. Gravy – In theory you should be able to make lovely gravy by adding stock and effectively cleaning the meat juices from the bowl.  However the gravy does NOT thicken up due to the lid.  Sorry, it just doesn’t work.


Q. How easy is it to change the circular halogen bulb?

A. I have never yet been successful in changing a bulb in a halogen oven.  You tend to find that the screw that holds the fan in place is clogged with fat.  Then the ceramic holder that connects the new bulb can break as you try to fit the new one.  As the new bulb can cost unto 25% of the value on a new oven, I would just replace the whole thing.

Q. Can you buy replacement glass bowls?

A.  No.  My suggestion is that you treat halogen ovens as a consumable item based on the low replacement cost.  I would advise that you should keep old bowls from replaced ovens just in case you should damage one.  You may even be able to help out someone else on your caravan site if you keep old bowls as spares.  If you damage a bowl, keep the lid section.

Q. Can I use my halogen oven at the same time as my low voltage kettle without tripping the electricity?

A.  Every caravan site is different.  You are best to test before you start cooking.  If you are cooking inside the caravan you can safely turn off the heater without getting cold as the oven will help to heat the caravan.




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