Best Mirrors for Towing a Caravan

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Towing mirrors for caravans are vital tools for ensuring road safety and preventing accidents caused by lack of visibility.

There are laws in place mandating the use of caravan towing mirrors based on areas of visibility. For most caravan owners, even those with larger cars, these rules mean that installing towing mirrors before taking a caravan on the road is non-negotiable.

This probably sounds pretty stressful, but don’t worry – once you’ve got your owing mirrors sorted, you can set off on your holiday completely stress-free!

To help you on your way, we’ve put together our own selection of the best mirrors for towing a caravan, so you can be sure you’re investing in the best accessories to keep yourself, your car, and your caravan safe.


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There might be speed limits on the roads, but not here! If you’re in a hurry, check out our top choice:


Milenco Grand Aero Towing Mirrors

  • Twin set
  • Flat construction
  • Air-balanced design
  • Claw clamp attachment
  • Strapless
  • Large surface area
  • Wide field of vision

Best Mirrors for Towing a Caravan


Milenco Grand Aero Towing Mirrors






If you ask any expert on the subject which mirrors you should use to tow your caravan, one of the first recommendations you’re likely to encounter will be the Milenco Grand Aero Towing Mirrors.

Not only is Milenco one of the most reputable automotive accessory manufacturers on the European market, but it’s clear these mirrors have been thoughtfully and innovatively designed to make the process of towing a caravan as intuitive as possible.

The flat mirror construction of the Grand Aero towing mirrors provides a clear and undistorted image of the sides of your vehicle to a significant distance, so you can see other vehicles approaching your caravan from the rear.

These mirrors use an innovative claw clamp system that can be tightened by hand to ensure the right amount of grip and stability. This strap-free system will save your existing mirrors from a lot of wear and tear and ensure you can focus on the road without worrying about your mirrors falling off.

The angles of the mirrors are also adjustable, although this mechanism isn’t quite so intuitive to use as the other adjustment functions.

The thing that really stands out about these mirrors, though, is their extra-large mirror surface area. Measuring 45 cm across, the Grand Aero mirrors enable a very wide field of vision to be seen from both driver and passenger seats.

Despite the mirrors being large in size, the mirror heads feature a unique, air-balanced construction that allows them to cut through resistant air with minimal drag.

These mirrors are far from budget-friendly, however. While we do recommend prioritising your road safety and investing a little extra into your towing mirrors if you can, drivers working around a budget may wish to opt for one of the less expensive, but almost equally impressive models on our list.


  • Set of two
  • Flat mirror for minimal distortion
  • Air-balanced construction
  • Fully adjustable
  • Innovative claw clamp system
  • Strap-free for less wear
  • Large mirror surface


  • Expensive


  • The Grand Aero mirror features a unique air balanced design that prevents vibrations and fits any car, 4x4 model and van thanks to the versatile claw system. Without strap.

Milenco Aero MK2 Flat Caravan Mirror


Milenco 1588 Aero MK2 flat caravan mirror, 1 piece , black


This clever mirror contraption (again, from Milenco) is one of the best towing mirrors for caravans that money can buy.

The Milenco Aero MK2 Flat Caravan Mirror’s durable construction, ergonomic adjustability, and air-balanced design all contribute to making it one of the best selling towing mirrors on the market.

The mirror is made from chrome safety glass and held together by high-quality stainless steel screws, so the construction is about as good as anyone could hope for in terms of durability.

Featuring a flat mirror lens, the Milenco Aero MK2 is the perfect mirror for monitoring other cars to the side(s) of your vehicle with zero distortion.

Where aerodynamics are concerned, the Aero MK2 also does remarkably well. Its teardrop shape design is highly aerodynamic and balanced to reduce vibrations.

Something we can’t stress enough about this mirror is how user-friendly it is. The angle and position of the mirror are fully adjustable using the easy-grip thumb wheels.

These thumb wheels are easily accessible and comfortable to use, allowing a driver or passenger to incrementally adjust the mirror quickly and to a high level of precision.

Milenco’s MK2 mirror is a strapless model, meaning it uses a universal clamping system instead to fasten to a vehicle’s wing mirror.

This attachment method causes less wear and tear than your average strap system, and even better, the clamp system is universal, meaning it’s designed to fit all vehicles, including 4X4s and larger vans.

The Milenco Aero MK2 is the ideal mirror for helping to tow a caravan in almost every way. Sadly, however, this mirror is only sold as a single piece, so if you want to benefit from its heightened visibility on both sides of your vehicle, you will need to purchase two units.


  • Chrome safety glass mirror
  • Flat lens
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Aerodynamic head shape
  • Strap-free
  • Universal clamping system
  • Ergonomic thumbwheels for adjustment


  • Sold as a single piece


Milenco 1588 Aero MK2 flat caravan mirror, 1 piece , black
  • Worlds best performing towing mirror
  • Superior chrome safety glass and assembled using stainless steel screws
  • Strap-free to eliminate rubbing of straps on colour coded mirror shells
  • Unique air balanced design to stop vibration
  • Perfect view adjustment with easy grip thumb wheels

BITS4REASONS Maypole MP8329 Caravan Towing Mirrors






This set of two towing mirrors from Maypole provides an easy and affordable way to minimise the blind spot behind your caravan and comply with U.K. road visibility laws.

These are convex mirrors, meaning that they are designed to widen the field of vision from the driver’s seat and allow cars otherwise concealed behind a caravan to become visible.

The Maypole MP8329 mirrors use both clamp brackets and straps to secure onto car wing mirrors or any shape or size. The double attachment system lends extra security to the design overall and also gives drivers the choice of which system to use.

Unfortunately, some customers have experienced quality control issues with the fixings, so buyers should make doubly sure that all fixtures are functioning properly before driving off.

Maypole has constructed these mirrors to be both aerodynamic and durable. Their shape causes minimal drag while their solid chrome bar extensions all but eliminate vibrations.

The mirror heads can be adjusted by hand much as you would a regular wing mirror, making them intuitive and ergonomic to use, even by first-time towers.


  • Set of two
  • Convex mirrors for blind-spot reduction
  • Clamp and strap attachment
  • Aerodynamic
  • Durable chrome bar and fixings
  • Easy to adjust


  • Fixture quality control issues



  • Pair of convex caravan mirrors Convex glass for a wider field of vision
  • Aerodynamic shape Strong fixings and chrome bar minimise vibration for a clearer view
  • Robust and durable Supplied as a pair
  • New upgraded quick and easy clamp fittings are more versatile so are suitable for a wide range of vehicle shapes and sizes
  • European Approval

Ring Automotive RCT1410 Towing Mirror



Ring Automotive RCT1410 Towing Mirror, Set of 2 - Black



These flat mirrors from Ring Automotive offer a wider field of vision, increased awareness of vehicle surroundings, and a safer caravan towing experience overall!

Featuring a durable, vibration-resistant construction, the Ring Automotive RCT1410 towing mirrors combine the clear, undistorted visibility of flat mirrors with a wider field of vision that allows 4 metres of visibility to the sides and a view of the rear of your vehicle.

The RCT1410 mirrors are easy to install without any tools, and they’re also adjustable, although the adjustment mechanism can be a bit stiff and difficult to operate. This isn’t too much of a drawback, though, given the affordable price tag for this twin set of mirrors.

The main issue with these mirrors, however, is the attachment strap system. While the quality of the mirrors themselves is undeniably great, the quality control surrounding the straps leaves something to be desired.

Although the majority of Ring Automotive’s customers experience no problems with these mirrors, many customers have reported the straps breaking after minimal use.

Therefore, while we would still recommend these mirrors purely for their head construction and visibility, we would advise customers to consider having a backup attachment system (even just some extra straps) in place in case a similar issue should arise.


  • Set of two
  • Flat mirrors for clear visibility
  • Easy installation
  • Adjustable
  • Vibration-resistant
  • Affordable


  • Breakable straps



Falcon Universal Mirrors



Falcon FRA136727 Universal Mirrors, Super Steady Mirror, Set of 2, Black



The Falcon Universal towing mirrors are aptly named because they will fit any vehicle and provide you with sharp, hawk-like visibility.

These mirrors have been designed by the trusted automotive accessory manufacturer, Milenco, so there’s very little to worry about in terms of build and quality control.

Thanks to their convex lens design, the Falcon Universal mirrors allow effortless visibility surrounding the rear of your vehicle.

Using a rugged clamp attachment system, these Falcon mirrors attach to your existing wing mirrors and stay securely in place thanks to the high-quality turning screws included with the purchase.

This clamping system is also universal, so it will fit the vast majority of car and vehicle models without any extra tinkering. The strap-free design exerts minimal wear and tear on your wing mirrors.

Another great thing about the Falcon clamping system is that it provides stability as well as security.

It can be really difficult to monitor the movements of other vehicles properly when your extension mirrors are shaking all over the place, but the Falcon Universal mirrors stay firmly put with minimal vibrations.

We did feel, however, that these mirrors could have benefited from a slightly larger construction to enhance the field of vision even more. While the smaller profile certainly helps with the aerodynamics, some customers may find the smaller mirrors tricky to get used to, especially if they are replacements for larger mirrors.


  • Designed by a reputable manufacturer
  • Convex mirrors for rear visibility
  • Clamp attachment
  • Strap-free
  • High-quality hardware
  • Universal fit


  • Could benefit from being larger



Falcon FRA136727 Universal Mirrors, Super Steady Mirror, Set of 2, Black
  • Item Package Weight: 0.934 kg
  • Item Package Length: 9.7cm
  • Item Package Width: 12.9cm
  • Item Package Height: 44.3cm

Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a towing mirror, or a set of mirrors, for towing your caravan is a serious business. The mirror(s) that you choose will ultimately be responsible for your own safety, as well as that of your vehicles and whoever else is travelling with you.

Therefore, it’s vital to consider all the main features of your potential caravan towing mirrors carefully.

Because you’re going to be making such an important decision, we’ve built up this buyer’s guide of features and functions to consider before you confirm your purchase.

Mirror Type

The very first decision you will need to make regarding your new caravan towing mirror is whether you want a flat or a convex mirror.

This isn’t a decision that should be made lightly or without the proper research beforehand, so we’re going to take a moment here to explain the different functions and features of flat mirrors versus convex mirror.

Hopefully, by the end of this section, you should have all the information you need to choose the best mirror type for your caravan and towing vehicle combination.

The reason why convex mirrors are such a popular choice for extension mirrors is that they reflect images at an angle that allows for better rear visibility.

All vehicles typically have a ‘blind spot’ in the rear which is made worse when the bulk of a caravan is attached to the back of the car. A well-placed convex mirror will allow you to see around this blind spot and monitor the movements of cars behind you.

Unfortunately, convex mirrors aren’t magical miracle-workers, so there is a catch to their amazing obstruction-bypassing visibility. The catch is that convex mirrors essentially rely on image distortion to enhance visibility, which has an impact on distance perception.

When using a convex mirror to look behind your vehicle, you will find that other cars seem significantly further away than they actually are. This is, of course, quite a dangerous position to be in, especially if you’re not yet used to the mirror.

On the other hand, flat mirrors are typically used to enhance side visibility. Because the mirror lens is flat and not curved outwards, it provides an undistorted mirror image of anything visible from the sides of the vehicle.

This is particularly useful when you have a caravan attached to the back of your car because the extra width of the caravan can obstruct vehicles approaching from the sides at a certain distance, meaning they might not otherwise be seen until it’s too late.

We should reiterate at this point that both convex and flat towing mirrors have their uses and their drawbacks. In the absence of extra pair of eyes in the rear of your vehicle (from other passengers, for example), neither a convex nor a flat mirror alone are likely to provide you with the visibility required under U.K. law (see FAQ section).

This is why we would recommend using both flat and convex mirrors to monitor your surroundings while towing a caravan.

With accurate visibility from the sides and slightly distorted, yet necessary perspective of the back of your vehicle, you’ll have enough visual feedback to keep safe and drive responsibly.


It probably goes without saying, but your towing mirrors need to be durable.

From all the vibrations of the road and unexpected bumps along the way to repeated adjustment and normal wear and tear, towing mirrors should be able to stand the test of time.

If your towing mirror snaps off while you’re driving, you could find yourself in a pickle (an in-breach-of-the-law kind of pickle), so we definitely want to avoid that.

Any fixings or hardware should ideally be made from stainless steel for maximum longevity and, of course, corrosion-resistance.

While most mirror heads and extensions will usually be made from a combination of strong plastic resin and lightweight metals such as aluminium, the strength of the mirror itself can be enhanced to prevent cracking or scratching. For example, chrome safety glass is tougher than regular mirror glass, so it won’t shatter easily.


Aerodynamic construction is one of the first boxes you should be able to tick with a high-quality towing mirror.

If your towing mirrors aren’t aerodynamic enough, they’re likely to be frustrating to you at best, and useless at worst. This is because the more incoming air hits the mirrors at an undesirable angle, the more they will vibrate.

Not only is this kind of vibration unhelpful for maintaining a clear field of vision, but it can ultimately lead to mirror damage, or breakage altogether.

The first thing you will need to focus on when looking for an aerodynamic towing mirror is the mirror’s head shape. Ideally, you want to avoid chunky mirror heads with completely flat constructions, because these will essentially constitute a large, 90° barrier into the wind.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should avoid large mirrors altogether. In fact, a larger mirror surface can be extremely useful when it comes to widening your field of vision.

If your towing vehicle’s size relative to your caravan makes a larger mirror necessary, you should try to couple the large surface area with other features to ensure proper aerodynamics.

Take, for example, our top choice, which is the Milenco Grand Aero Towing Mirror. This mirror model features a large surface area to maximise the driver’s field of vision, but the rest of its construction is streamlined and extremely sturdy, creating an air-balanced design.

Although they are large, these mirrors create minimal drag and suffer less from vibrations than other competitor models.


At some point, you will probably need to adjust your towing mirrors, whether it’s to fold them out of the way of incoming traffic on a narrow road or to adjust your field of vision.

Many extension towing mirrors can be tricky and unergonomic to adjust by hand, especially if the mechanism is too stiff.

If we had to recommend one adjustment system for towing mirrors, it would be the Milenco thumb wheels, which are easy and comfortable to operate and allow the driver to adjust the mirror with minimal effort.


The way that your towing mirrors attach to your vehicle will play a part in the ease of use of the mirrors as well as their compatibility with your vehicle.

For a long time, one of the most common ways of attaching a towing mirror to a vehicle has been through the use of straps, which fasten around the car’s wing mirrors to secure the extension mirror in place.

These straps are still commonplace today, and many drivers even prefer them to other methods of attaching towing mirrors.

However, straps can often rub against the surface of the wing mirror they are attached to and take the paint off, which is a nuisance, especially for colour-coded wing mirrors.

Straps are often subject to less rigid quality control measures than clamp systems, which is why many drivers are now choosing clamp attachments over straps for their tow mirrors.

Ultimately, clamps are more durable and less wearing than straps, so if you’re looking for convenience and longevity, a clamp system is probably the way to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need a caravan towing mirror?

The answer to this question does, to an extent, depend on the dimensions of your car and caravan, respectively. However, in the vast majority of cases, the answer will be yes: you definitely need a caravan towing mirror to safely tow your caravan.

U.K. law dictates (very sensibly) that a driver towing a caravan must be able to see the 4 metres in width from both sides of the caravan to a distance of 20 meters.

Even the largest cars (think 4x4s and Jeeps) won’t be wider than the caravan they’re towing, making it impossible to see the area described with any kind of consistent clarity.

Therefore, unless your towing vehicle is almost inconceivably large in comparison to your caravan, you will need to buy one or several towing mirrors in order to fully comply with the law.

Do tow mirrors affect MPG?

MPG (or miles per gallon) is a measurement of vehicle fuel economy that indicates how much mileage a vehicle is capable of per gallon of fuel.

A surprisingly common question relating to the use of caravan tow mirrors is whether or not they have any impact on the MPG of the towing vehicle.

We say this question is ‘surprisingly’ common not because the answer is obvious, but because mirrors aren’t something many of us would automatically associate with fuel economy.

However, the question does have a reasonable bearing in physics. The reason for this is that, due to the existence of a force called ‘drag’ (resistance from the air around your vehicle, in this case), an object needs to be streamlined in order to move through air or water effectively.

Anything that sticks out from the sides of your vehicle (like mirrors) causes drag to act upon the vehicle more. This means that the vehicle then needs to use more fuel to continue its forward motion.

But how much can tow mirrors really affect the amount of drag force exerted on your vehicle? Well, it’s more than you might think. There’s no specific numerical estimate that will apply to all mirrors and vehicles, for obvious reasons.

Still, you might initially notice that your new, extended mirrors do bring your MPG down slightly. However, the difference shouldn’t be too drastic.

Ultimately, the bottom line is that installing some tow mirrors won’t affect your MPG anywhere near as much as the actual caravan you’re using them to tow. Therefore, not wanting to use more fuel is not an acceptable reason for trying to get around the laws on towing mirrors.



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