How to cook pizza on a cadac BBQ

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If you purchase a Cadac pizza stone for your Cadac bbq you can make possibly the best pizza I have ever tasted or at least second to a lovely slice I had from a street vendor in Venice. So if anyone ever asks you “are Cadac bbqs good” then the answer as far as pizza in concerned will be a definite is!

It is also very easy to get it very wrong.

When I first brought my stone, I googled how to cook pizza on a Cadac barbecue.  I followed advice of putting flour on the stone and cooking in the usual way.

So away I went.

I put about a desert spoon of plain flour on the stone. I put the stone on the bbq grill. I put the lid on. It got up to temperature and I put the pizza in.

After about 5 to 10 minutes I pulled out the worsts pizza I have ever tasted.

The top was lovely but the bottom was black with a kind of burnt flour taste.  Also the base was like cardboard or even thin MDF.

I couldn’t have been more disappointed. Neither could the kids!

So where did I go wrong?

I thought about this carefully. I wasn’t able to find the answer online anywhere.

I concluded that the base had got too hot and that the top took too long to cook. So by the time that the top was cooked the base was burnt.

So it’s a balance between the base and the top.

Slowing down the base by initially keeping the stone cool and speeding up the top by retaining as much heat as possible in the Cadac.

This is the method I now use to produce a lovely Pizza on a Cadac, even if it’s a cheap supermarket pizza.

This is how to cook Pizza on a Cadac BBQ for perfect results.

Set up the bbq as if you are going to bbq as normal with the wire rack.
Put the lid on

Cooking Pizza on a Cadac Barbecue


  • Let it get hot. Meanwhile take the shop brought pizza out of its packaging and place it on the stone.
  • When the bbq is up to heat, I mean a good 10 minutes here, get someone to lift the lid vertically allowing enough space for you to slide the Pizza on the pizza stone onto the wire rack.


  • When having a peep to see if the pizza is cooked only lift the lid slightly so you don’t loose heat.
  • When cooked use a Pizza shovel to very very carefully lift out the stone and place it on a heat proof surface or the ground.
  • Remove the pizza
  • Let the stone cool
  • Repeat.

Cadac Pizza Stones

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Frequently asked questions

What does a Cadac Pizza Stone look like?

Cadac Stone for cooking Pizza

How to cook pizza on a Cadac without burning?

Balance the heat by using a cooler stone and heading up the air between the cadac and the lid for perfect pizza.

Can you cook pizza on a Cadac from frozen?

No.  This will cause the base to burn and dry out before the topping is defrosted.




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