Cadac Stir Fry

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Not everyone realises that you can turn the lid upside down to make a lovely Cadac stir fry. Just another reason why Cadac bbqs are so good.

The reason why the drip tray has a dent in the middle of it so that it can act as a base for the lid turned Cadac wok.

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Clearly you can use the Cadac to stir fry anything you want, however, this season I put together a lovely stir fry in the Cadac lid that smelt fantastic.

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What if my Cadac lid isn’t suitable to use as a wok?

Not all Cadac kids are the same. If your Cadac lid isn’t the type that can be turned upside down and used as a wok the you could but a Cadac Skottel Brain instead.

Why is it ideal to stir fry in a Pan on a Cadac

Stir frying was invented be the Chinese.  It involves the very simple concept of frying in very very hot oil and stirring the ingredients as you fry.

It is ideal to do this Outside on your Cada.  If you were to reach the same high temperature, stir frying at home in your kitchen you would make a right mess!

You would have oil spit everywhere and the smell would linger round for days.  We have all experienced the lovely smell of a Chineese take away streets away.

So let’s get crack open a beer, and get down to some cooking…


  • 500 diced Chicken
  • Nut oil 1 TBLS
  • 5 spring onions
  • Hand full or mangtout
  • Hand full of baby corn
  • 1 pepper de seeded
  • 500 g of egg noodles
  • 2 table spoons of dark soy sauce
  • 1 pack of chow mein as pictured

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First let’s cut up the oinons in half and some of the abbey corn so that all the veg is roughly the same size.

Now we need to turn on the Cadac to a high temperature and put about a table spoon of oil in the pan. Let this get hot.

Now add the diced chicken to the pan.

Cadac Stir Fry Add Chicken to the pan

Be careful not to burn yourself as it may spit.

Turn the chicken over several times until it is white on every side. Give it a few minutes and then find the biggest piece of chicken and cut it in half to see if it is cooked through. If it isn’t then wait a bit longer and check another piece of chicken.

Once you are confident that all of the Chicken is cooked through thoroughly then we can add the veg.

cadac stir fry add veg to pan

There is no real method to adding the veg, just bung it all is and stir.

After a few more minutes add the pack of fresh noodles.

Again give it a stir…

Cadac stir fry add egg noodles

Finally add the Chow Main sauce to the mix.

You can always add a couple of tea spoons of tap water to the packet once it is empty to get every bit for flavor.

Once again give it a mix until all of the ingredients are covered in the chow main sauce.

Finally add some dark soy sauce for extra flavour

Cadac stri fry add dark soy sauce

Give it a couple of minutes and serve.

You can serve the chow main with prawn crackers if you like.

Quick note… when you take the wok / Cadac lid into the caravan to serve, remember that it will be very hot and could make the work tips in the caravan. Best to use a heat resistant mat.

Frequently asked questions.


Can you use olive oil instead of nut oil?

Yes. The reason we use nut oil is that it seems to increase the flavor.


Should you add salt and pepper?

You are welcome to season to taste.


My Cadac is initially smoking before I put the chicken in. Is this normal?

Yes this means it’s very hot though. Great for a stir fry but also very dangerous.


Could I use my Cadac as a wok in my awning?

No we never recommend using the Cadac indoors in any capacity.

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