What is The Best Fire Extinguisher For Your Caravan

It is incredible just how quickly your caravan can be destroyed and frightening that you only have minutes or even seconds to get out. In this article we will look at what is the best option for extinguishing fires in your caravan.

But first…… You must watch this five minute video. Its a bit old but I can guarantee you will watch it to the end…

Mentioned in the Video were a few hazards. Here are a few from modern caravans.

  • External Barbecue point
  • Awning
  • External power ie extension leads in the awning
  • Kitchen appliances such as table top ovens and grills
  • Candles

NOTE – carbon monoxide from barbecues in awnings can kill. Please read this advice.

The caravan site its self should also be abiding by certain rules. That is that there should be a distance of 6m between caravans and 3m between your caravan and other equipment, such as cars, other caravans awnings, gazebos etc when siting your caravan.

source West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue

There are several essential bits of kit that you should be considering adding to your caravan. If you already have them then you should consider testing and replacing them.

Fire extinguisher basics

It is always a bit confusing what fire extinguisher you should use on different types of fire. We are not going to try to give you training on every type of extinguisher for every type of fire. It is however helpful too know the different colours and types. We have made this clear in the table below.

Extinguisher Colour
Water Red
Carbon Dioxide Black
Foam Cream
*Powder *Blue

* Best Fire Extinguisher For Caravans and Motorhomes

Fire Blankets

Another great bit of kit is the fire blanket. These can be particularly useful in the kitchen area of your caravan. They should be stored away from there potential hazard as you wouldn’t want to be trying to release a fire blanket from above the area that may be on fire for obvious reasons.

Smoke Alarms

You could see from the video above that you may only have a very short amount of time to get yourself and your family out of a burning caravan. A smoke alarm is a great way to wake you up and get you to safety.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Carbon monoxide is a killer so you may want to invest in a carbon monoxide alarm for your caravan. Some smoke alarms have the ability to detect both heat, smoke and carbon monoxide.

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