Jocky Wheel Caravan Movers – The best motorised jockey wheels in the uk

Why everyone needs a Jockey Wheel Caravan Mover

Motor movers can be very expensive. Not just the purchase of the mover itself but the fitting of the motor mover can often add up to 50% to the price ticket. There is an alternative though. 

The jockey wheel motor mover. A great option especially if you have more than one caravan that you are regularly towing and siting, or if you are the sort of person who likes to change their caravan regularly. Many people holiday with another family on a regular basis or even season pitch their caravan with friends.

Sharing a jockey wheel motor mover and the cost of the purchase could work out to be a great option.

Further more if you also own a trailer, then the mover can also be utilised as a trailer mover, particularly if you have a non slip rubber wheel.

When arriving onto any campsite, it can be daunting to have to park up on a difficult pitch with half the campsite watching you. This is why a motor mover is essential for any caravaner. Often overlooked and not given too much thought, this item can really transform your caravanning experience. Taking a little time to consider which option is best for your needs and investing some money into either a jockey wheel or fixed motor mover can add a great amount of value. 

Many regular caravanners will be questioning whether a motorised jockey wheel or an axel mounted motor mover is the right option for them. Onboard motor movers are inevitably easier to use and perform better on a wide range of surfaces. On the other hand, a jockey wheel motor mover offers an affordable option. The grid below shows a comparison between three jockey wheel motor movers as well as the fixed Enduro 11825 motor mover. 

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Mover TypeJocky WheelJocky WheelJocky WheelBody Mounted/Fixed
Motor12V 350W12V 350W12v 550W12v 960W
Gear Ratio326:1326:1494:1N/A
Maximum Speed6-7 meters per min6-7 meters per min6-7 meters per min9cm per second
Maximum Vehicle Load2270 kg2270 kg2722 kg1800 kg
Maximum Incline5 degrees5 degrees7 degreesSafe on Slopes
Maximum weight capacity272 kg272 kg498 kgN/A
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Jockey wheel motor movers work very well on level, smooth surfaces like driveways, caravan parks etc – ideal for tarmac and concrete so will be perfect for manoeuvring your caravan onto your drive or into a tight space at your caravan storage site.


One of the main concerns with a motorised jockey wheel is whether or not they will be appropriate for uneven ground, especially gravel. Many manufacturers are reluctant to guarantee your motorised jockey wheel will work perfectly on uneven surfaces. However, consumer reviews show that even on softer ground, the VidaXL model has performed exceptionally.

Reviews also show that both the VidaXL model, as well as the Foraver model are sturdy and well built. However, if you are regularly going to be manoeuvring your caravan on uneven surfaces such as gravel, then investing in a fixed motor mover such as the Enduro 11825 may be worthwhile, giving you the reliability and reassurance you may desire. 

Each of the models mentioned above offers both a forward and reverse function, with the more expensive Enduro model having the ability to turn a caravan 360 degrees around its own axis.

As well as tackling uneven ground, another concern is how the motor movers will perform on an incline. Both the VidaXL and Foraver models are suitable up to a five degrees incline, whereas the RocwooD model can stretch to 7 degrees.

The Enduro model works very well on inclines, and is even safe to stop on a slope, a benefit that comes with the added price tag. A purchaser will need to consider how often they are battling steep inclines as to which model will be more suitable for them. If the reality is that you are regularly parking on flat, tarmac caravan pitches, then the more affordable caravan motor mover will be perfectly adequate. 

The Foraver model is a firm favourite caravan motor mover. It boasts an oversized heavy-duty solid rubber wheel, which as mentioned can be used on a slight incline of up to 5 degrees. Foraver warn that the wheel however does not have friction, so may not be suitable for use on a wet surface. It has a lift handle to adjust the height of the trailer Jack, as well as a control handle to allow the handle to turn either way.

Other than the battery (most are dc12v), the Foraver comes with everything you need to use it. Also, customers have reported that this powerful model has been successful on uneven ground. 

In reality, the three caravan motor movers here are actually very similar. All promising to reach the same speeds, very similar maximum vehicle load and all jockey wheels weighing a very similar amount. Additionally, all models are very similar in price and look. The RocwooD modelhowever has a slightly more powerful motor, a small advantage making it more favourable on small inclines, and the greater weight capacity at 498kg maximum jockey wheel load. For something that allows 360 degree turns, and is suitable on uneven, sloping ground then an onboard motor mover will be worth the extra price tag. When budgeting, be sure to consider the cost of the fitting too, which can sometimes amount to another 50% on the price tag.

Every caravanner will make their own decision when deciding which option is best for them. Whilst those with a bigger budget may opt for an axle mounted motor. For others, the benefits of this over the motorised jockey wheel may not be worth the additional price tag. Whichever option you chose, you can guarantee the next time you are pitching on a caravan site, it will be a doddle!

Frequently Ask Questions.

Will I need to buy anything else to accompany my motorised jockey wheel?

The models mentioned in this piece come with everything other than the required battery and do come with power leads. You can purchase a battery from anywhere that sells car batteries. 

Could I fit the fixed motor mover myself?

Although it is always advised that a professional installs a fixed motor mover, many keen caravanners have reported they have managed to fit them without the help of a professional. Purchasers have stated it took them between 3 – 6 hours to fit the fixed motor mover. 

Can I purchase a new wheel if the original gets damaged?

It is common that the wheels will become worn out over time with regular use. New wheels can be purchased from the manufacturers. 

Can these be used in wet conditions?

The fixed motor mover works well on a wet surface – even performing well on wet grass. However, jockey wheel motor movers will not work as well. Due to low friction, the wheel may spin, and it can become difficult to maneuverer in the rain. 

Can you use a Jocky Wheel motor mover for a horse box

Yes, a Jocky Wheel motor mover would be a great way tome a horse box or trailer.  Thiscouldwork particularly well on uneven ground. 



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