How much is caravan storage for the 2020/2021 season?

Caravan storage varies greatly in price.  We found that the average price in the UK in 2020 is £508.33 per Year This works out to £42.36 per month, although most require you to pay yearly or charge a little more for half year or monthly payments.

We have compiled the table below to show how much caravan storage is in twelve different areas of the uk. The details for the table were compiled in August 2020. 

AreaName of SitePrice
EdinburghScotish Caravan Storage£551.40 Year
GlasgowGlasgow Caravan Storage£525.00 Year
BelfastShanogue House Caravan Storage£300.00 Year
NewcastleMoorside Lodge Caravan Storage£300.00 Year
ManchesterCarrington Caravan Storage£544 to £800 Year
NottinghamMR & RK Blant£365.00 Year
BirminghamHalesowen Caravan Centre£600.00 Year
CardifLlandow Caravan Park & Storage£420 to £480
LondonWolfe Caravan/Motorhome Storage£1224.00 Year
BristolMapleridge Caravan Storage£396.00 Year
Peterborough Garth Caravan Storage£190.00 Year
PlymouthFry’s Caravan Storage£450 to £480

So what other factors seem to be important in the price for caravan storage?


It’s the age old question, is size important? Well some say that it is and have different levels of prices to reflect this. Clearly, the larger the caravan the more expensive it will be to store. This is because a larger unit doesn’t just take up more room to store but also to manoeuvre around the storage facility.


Something that seems to rank high on the list of factors in determining the fee for caravan storage is location. Facilities close to motorway junctions demand a premium as you can hook up and be on the motorway in a very short amount of time. Also great for the less confident driver who doesn’t want to negotiate housing estates or town centre unless they have to.

Of course depending of where you are in the country will also have an impact. It’s no surprise that London has the highest cost of land resulting in the highest caravan storage fee. More rural locations are a lot lower.  


One of the big advantages of using a caravan storage facility is security. In addition to your own security measures such as fixing a wheel clamp on your caravan, the sites often have CCTV, dogs, alarms and a host of other security measures to ensure that your caravan stays there you parked it.  Some insurance providers offer a reduction if you use a CaSSOA assessed site.  you can find out more about CaSSOA by viewing the video below.


One of the draw backs of storing your caravan is that it can make it difficult for you to clean it compared to storing it at home. Some sites however have facilities to help you to maintain your caravan without taking it home. Again this may be reflected in the fee for storing your caravan.


Of recent times, with caravan sites flooding and people choosing to bring their caravans back instead of leaving them on a site. Demand for caravan storage has risen.  Many caravan storage facilities now have waiting lists and like in any economy demand creates a price increase. 

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