Caravan Feature Walk Around

Finally, A Fool Proof Caravan Safety Check – Everyone can do.

Even if you are a confident and responsible caravaner, checking everything is ready with your caravan prior to towing can be a bit of a headache.

With so much to remember, we have come up with a simple technique to help you to remember to check everything is ready to go.

This is our simple way to save damage, embarrassment and arrive safely.

We call it The Caravan Feature Walk Around – and here is why:

You may have seen pilots walking under the airplane and kicking the tyres?  This is called the pilot walk around.  A simple task but one that give the pilot a chance to see anything that may have been missed.  We took this idea and related it to towing.

We call it the caravan ‘FEATURE’ walk around, because it used the features of the caravan, i.e the various cupboards, windows etc as reminders.

Here are the steps to follow


Step 1 – First stand a distance back from the hooked up caravan.  Look at the features on the caravan roof, the different skylights, the aerial etc.

Ask yourself, are the roof vents closed? Is the aerial in the correct position for towing?

If you are happy with everything then move onto Step 2.

Step 2 – Stand at the front of the caravan on the near side.  As you walk around the caravan each ‘feature’ (cupboards windows, doors etc) should act as a reminder for you to ask yourself related questions.  See the images and questions below:

As you can see from the image below I work from front to back as I walk around the caravan and ask myself questions such as:

Feature 1 – BBQ point  – Is the gas bottle disconnected?

Feature 2 – storage cupboard –  Is it locked?

Feature 3 – Window – Is the window locked and is the fly screen and blind up ready for towing?

Feature 4 – Door – Is the door locked, is the blind on the door in the open position?

Feature 5 – Wheel – Did I remove the wheel clamp? Did I wind back the motor mover?

Feature 5 – Window – Is the fly screen and blind up?

Feature 6 – Window – Again, is the fly screen and blind up?

Feature 7 – under bed storage access cupboard – Is it locked?

I don’t have any notable features on the back of my caravan so I then move to the other side of the caravan.

Feature 8 – Toilet – Did I empty the toilet and lock the door?

Feature 9 – Window – Is the fly screen and blind up?

Feature 10 – Wheel – (already checked)

Feature 11 – Window – Is the fly screen and blind up?

Feature 12 – Another window – Is the fly screen and blind up?

Feature 13 – Electrics Box – Is the key for the motor mover turned off and removed?

Feature 14 – Heater gas cover and next to it water connection point – Did I drain the water system? Did I turn off the water heater switch (if not when I plug the caravan power cable in at home on my drive I will cause the heater to trip out)

Feature 15  – Window – Is the fly screen and blind up?

Feature 16 – Front Cupboard – Is the gas bottle disconnected? ( I know this was asked once but I don’t mind asking a second time to make sure)

The whole process takes me less than two minutes.


If you have ever played the game where you have to remember multiple items on a tray, then you will know how hard it is to remember (in my case) 16 safety checks in the same order.  But using the caravan feature walk around you method, you can remember all of these things in order every time.




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