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For those people who like to holiday with the basic comforts of a cooker, a bed and a moderate amount of central heating, but don’t want the lavish extravagance (or the price tag) of a full-sized caravan, you’ll definitely be interested in purchasing a teardrop campervan.

Check Out our favourite current teardrop caravan the TaB 400 Mexican Sunset From the 2022 caravan show

The basic idea of a teardrop caravan is just a small lightweight trailer that you can attach to your car for a quick weekend getaway. These caravans have unique shapes, with a bulbous rear that tapers at the front, in much the same way as a teardrop does. Usually, these campers are just big enough to store a bed and some lockers.

However, you can also get teardrop camper vans with a retractable rear door that opens up and extends to form a sort of kitchen space. You can get larger teardrop caravans that can contain a much larger kitchen inside, although these will obviously come with a hefty price tag.

With the larger caravans, you can also get additional seating that can be used if you plan on meeting up with guests once you get to your designated campsite. Again, this all depends on your budget, as the larger teardrops are more expensive.

We would also recommend that you don’t opt for a teardrop caravan if you have a large family.

These caravans have their history in Europe, with Eriba caravans being manufactured by a German company in the 1950’s.

Obviously, these mini caravans vans were designed for smaller cars, which were far more prevalent back then. They also had a pop-up room that was designed to save on space.

All-in-all a teardrop camper van is designed to pack in all the basic features in one handy storage container, giving you the modest luxury of having all your creature comforts such as gas, electric, storage and a place to sleep when you’re navigating the great outdoors. These save on space in your garage, with the romance of a Swiss-style home.

But where can you find the best teardrop caravans/campers? What features does a teardrop camper to give you the utmost in protection, portability and comfort when you’re out on holiday? What are the most durable materials that you can get for a teardrop camper van? How much will one of these ergonomic storage units set you back in terms of price?

Well, camping enthusiasts won’t need to worry any more, because we’ve got a list of some of the best teardrop camper vans currently available on the market. 

We’ve also got a buyer’s guide that will help you when shopping for your next teardrop camper van, ranging from the design specifications and the market demographics to why you might prefer to choose a teardrop camper over a full-sized one.

Finally, we’ll round off our article with some frequently asked questions that should help when it comes to answering those nagging anxieties and concerns that might be holding you back from choosing a teardrop camper van.

First, we got to get straight to the good stuff: our list of the best teardrop camper vans on the market.

You can see my favourite tear drop caravan from the NEC Caravan Camping & motorhome show 2022 – its the TAB L400 Mexican Sunset and I love it!

We’re going to give you an in-depth overview of each camper, followed by an extensive list of pros and cons to help you make the best decision when buying one of these compact and stylish units.

List Of Best Teardrop Caravans/Campers

The Original pod-e

Our first camping trailer is one manufactured by Slindustries, one of the most popular teardrop trailer makers in the UK.

This is a company that comes with a good reputation and plenty of positive reviews of its trailers on the website, which is very important when committing to a purchase that will set you back upwards of a thousand pounds – introducing the Orginal pod-e camper van.

This pod-like camper is one of the most simple and sleek designs that we have on this list, perfect for a solo holiday or a couple looking for that romantic getaway.

It comes built on top of a sturdy 50mm steel box section chassis with 750kg suspension. This is one of the most resilient constructions that you can haul up hill and down dale without fear of damaging it.

The side panels are manufactured from solid aluminium that can not only withstand all sorts of weather conditions, high impacts and road damage, but is also very easy to clean, particularly handy if you want to hose it down after dragging it through a muddy field. The sides also contain thermoplastic, which will keep the inside of your trailer nice and cosy.

This trailer is also extremely good-looking, with a satin plywood finish, you’ll be the envy of the campsite in this unusual-looking camper van. There is a bike rack storage on the top of this camper, making it a great unit to take with you on a two-wheeled jaunt across the country.

You also have plenty of storage doors for your clothing and other accessories.


  • Even the smallest of vehicles can transport this nifty unit – with a durable steel coupling device, you can hitch this wagon to any type of horsepower, it’s wheels are very durable and it handles well in transit.
  • The construction – one of the most important parts of any camper van is how durable it is being hauled across country, and this camper van certainly performs well on that front, with its reinforced aluminium shell.
  • Another important aspect of your teardrop caravan will be the heating inside, well, this comes with thick thermoplastic, so you can sure that it will keep you heated if you plan of saving money by going on holiday during the Autumn.
  • The design – this is a very cool looking caravan, to say the least. If you rock up to your campsite with this camper, then you can be sure that heads will be turning.
  • This also has a rear door that will open out to accommodate a kitchen set, so you won’t have to worry about giving your breakfast, lunch and dinner that ultimate chef’s touch.


  • This is one of the more modest units on this list, some users have complained that the amount of storage available with this camper does not quite reflect the expensive price tag.
  • This will not be a great unit for anyone who plans on travelling with more than 2 people. If you have children, we would recommend opting for one of the bigger units on this list.

Pod-e Eyas

Our next model of teardrop caravan is one for those that have a few grand to spare on a real luxury option. This is a sizable unit that might take up a few more cubits in the garage, but you can be sure of a lot more legroom on the inside, ideal for those long Saturday morning lie-ins – introducing the Pod-e Eyas caravan.

This pod is certainly one of the more secure units on this list, the premium version coming with a lockable rear door, which will give you peace of mind when you want to leave it unattended to go on a long walk. This caravan has thermoplastic aluminium on the outside, so you can be sure that it will keep your outside undented and your inside heated.

The extendable rear door can be used as a kitchen or area where you can prepare food. What better way to spend a holiday than by relaxing with a place to rest your beer bottles and keep your stew or eggs grilling until they are ready to eat. The front of this trailer has a 750kg integrated lock system, so you can sure that it will fasten firmly to the back of your vehicle.

This is also a very stylish unit, coming with a hatch in the side that will perfectly accommodate larger users. It has a very spacious inside area and you can be sure that it will invite a few positive comments from fellow holidaymakers. It comes with steel stabilizers on the back that will allow you to uncouple the car and go for a drive.


  • Versatile – you can have this camper as a static unit or you can leave it attached to your vehicle. You can also open the rear door to use the back as a kitchen area if you desire.
  • The opening hatch at the back also contains a curtain slide and window, making it perfect if you want to seal it, turn on the heating and watch a rainy day from inside.
  • The inside and outside of this caravan are very well constructed, the thermoplastic casing will keep you and your partner warm on the inside if it gets chilly. There’s nothing worse than being cold when you’re trying to sleep in your trailer at night.
  • This trailer will keep very stable and secure throughout use, with the retractable legs in the back giving you extra security during blustery conditions.
  • This trailer has internal rain channels that will ensure against buckling or warping through rain collection from a heavy downpour.


  • This unit is on the slightly large side, which will make it more awkward to store in the garage and even trickier for access to clean. If saving space for your caravan is an issue, we would recommend opting for a smaller one.
  • Some users have reported that this trailer is not as manoeuvrable due to it’s heavier size. They also claim that it is more difficult to tow uphill with a smaller car.

Caretta 1500

Now we’re going to switch manufacturers to look at one budget and premium option. This first model is from TMC Motorhomes and they provide a number of different models that includes a transportable pop-up shop with a retractable roof and a cargo trailer.

They are one of the best manufacturers of offroad camper vans for those looking for a week-long adventure – introducing the Caretta 1500.

This first option has been described as the budget version by the makers, although we think that the price slightly exceeds that. This trailer comes with a 1500mm wide bed inside, with a rear door that can open out to accommodate kitchen facilities.

It has interior lights and plenty of storage space, with even space under the floor for hiding your treasured holiday possessions.

This trailer also comes with a fridge, sink and water supply, really making it as much as a condensed home as possible. The sleek design of the outside has an aerodynamic spoiler that will give you great performance and handling when towing out on the road. It has an integrated front locker box that will allow you to access all the electrics.

The bottom chassis will protect the underside of your camper van when it is on bumper terrain, so you won’t have to worry about the outer shell receiving any damage from rocks or hardened mud.

It has a stabilizing coupling head at the front, as well as protective mosquito nets on the inside that will keep you bite-free during those hot summer months.


  • For the number of features that this teardrop trailer has, this you could consider this the budget option – from the inside kitchen to the shower unit, you won’t find yourself deprived of any of the mod cons that you would find in your home.
  • This trailer comes with all the conveniences that you can imagine finding in the home – you certainly won’t be left feeling stranded with this unit.
  • This has plenty of durable features on the outside as well as the inside, with a robust aluminium shell that is designed to be highly waterproof as well as retaining heat. You’ll find yourself saving a lot of money on fuel for heating this teardrop camper van.
  • This has an extendable table that you can use for breakfasting – the back of the unit is a compact kitchen with a cooler, perfect if you fancy waking up one morning with the sun on your back.
  • The unit itself is very slyish, coming in a bright white colour that will get heads in the campsite turning. It is also very easy to clean, all you have to do is give the sides a quick blast with the hose and even dry mud will wash away quickly and easily.


  • It is not really a budget option – despite the manufacturer’s assertion that this is the unit for those on a shoestring, the price tag would suggest that the opposite is true.
  • The size – this is another large unit, so unless you have a wider garage that can accommodate your car and your camper van, we would suggest finding space to park it on the street.

Caretta Off Road

This next unit really is the luxury option, having even more bells and whistles than our previous camper option, coming with plenty of space on the inside, as well as a bike rack on the roof and shocks in the wheels.

Like our previous unit, this has a very generous 1500mm bed that you can lounge in, watching the sun streaming through the hatch – introducing the Caretta Off Road camper van.

This luxurious camper boasts a lot of the features of the previous model, with plenty of mod cons on the inside, such as a kitchen, a shower area as well as a sink.

If you want to wash your crockery in a water supply that isn’t the nearest river, then we can highly recommend this unit. Why not experience the joys of camping with none of the unhygienic elements?

The outer components also make for a very durable teardrop camper van, with an aerodynamic spoiler than will make towing at high speed much easier. It also has a chassis that contains shock absorbers so ensure a smooth transition from the road to the more uneven trails.

The tyres are very good for negotiating the wider roads and narrower causeways. The inside comes with very spacious storage in the basement as well as the side panels and the rear units above the bed.

If you are the type of holidaymaker that likes to travel with a lot of their home comforts, then we would certainly recommend this camper.


  • The protective elements on the outside of this unit are perfect if you plan on going offroad for a majority of your holiday adventure. You can also be sure that the storage areas will keep all the contents inside from rattling around and breaking.
  • Heating will be incredibly important for most off-road campers and this teardrop camper comes with a thermoplastic casing that will retain more heat than all of the other models on this list.
  • You have plenty of outside storage on this camper too, with spare tire storage on the front and a bike rack on the top. If you want to disappear for two weeks away from the trappings of civilization, this camper will allow you to carry everything you need.
  • It has a very spacious inside, enough to fit a very generously-sized bed and a kitchen unit that can be decamped from the rear door.
  • This is the most secure unit on this list, with a triple lockable side panel, you’ll definitely be able to keep any unwanted visitors from making off with your personal possessions. This is a very common concern for a lot of holidaymakers.


  • The price – coming with a condensed kitchen and king-sized bed, this won’t be the cheapest unit, setting you back at least a few thousand pounds.
  • Don’t be fooled into thinking that this teardrop can accommodate any more than a small family of 3. Any more than this and you’ll be finding yourself very squashed.

Henki Pod

Our next unit is one that is perfectly adapted for those that are attracted to the vintage look of a lot of the older style of teardrop camper vans.

This is a model manufactured by the popular UK brand Henki, which specialises in luxurious rolling tents, as the PR material calls them – introducing the Henki Pod.

Just taking one look at these stylish pods will certainly capture your interest, coming in a very simple, white design that will fit snugly into most garages.

This caravan utilizes Smart technology, constructed in a one-piece shell that eschews the common jointed construction of other models, as these are prone to leaking.

The windows on this model are laminated and constructed with steel frames that will keep out draughts and wet weather conditions. It also comes with a sizable double foam mattress on the inside, with a painted galley kitchen on the inside, with a light that will be invaluable when treating yourself to a little midnight snack.

The kitchen has a preparation area, with plenty of storage bins housed throughout the entire surface of the camper van itself. There is space for a portable gas cooker on the inside if you wish the install one.

This teardrop caravan is designed especially to reduce fuel consumption, with aerodynamic anti-drag properties that make it a breeze to tow.


  • Self-sufficient – this caravan is very easy to maintain, requiring no chemical tanks to exchange or plumbing maintenance, this is a very easy unit to keep running. This will save you headaches and extra costs at the mechanics.
  • This has a generous bed size inside and a kitchen unit that will be ideal for preparing your food. Most people who buy a camper van will be doing so for that extra facility.
  • The style – there is no denying that this is one of the coolest looking camper vans on this list, with a glossy one-piece design that will be very easy to hose down after a trip down a muddy trail.
  • The design of this camper is meant to reduce your fuel costs by some margin, so this makes it perfect for use on long haul journeys, allowing you to go that extra mile, even when towing up hill.
  • This caravan is very resilient, with aluminium housing that won’t succumb to rust if left outdoors for long periods at a time.


  • The price – again, owing to the sheer range of features, this comes with a hefty price tag. This is one that is reserved for the die-hard camper who might be using it more than a few times a year.
  • The extra storage space might not be useful for those campers who travel light.

Standard Go-Pod

Our final teardrop caravan is manufactured by a different company again, although they do not market it as a teardrop caravan, choosing to call it a ‘micro-tourer’ instead.

However, in essence, they are the same thing, coming in a very similar shape and design. There are many different models that Go-Pod offer, but we’ll just be looking at the standard model – introducing the Standard Go-Pod.

One of the most notable features of this caravan is the roof that can be extended by a few extra meters with a retractable canvas. This will give some relief to any campers that are above the average height, and avoiding having to stoop or get nasty bumps to the head when getting up too quickly.

The chassis of this unit is made from galvanised steel, so it will be able to absorb more of the violent shocks that you can experience when trying to navigate a trail. It won’t snake or wobble while you’re on the road either.

The inside of this caravan is extremely spacious, complete with a dining, sink and cooking area, this is a one-stop-shop.

It can also be used for all seasons, with ventilation for during the summer and insulated walls for the winter. You can operate this unit’s many electrical facilities with an easy-to-use switch on the wall.

The lighting makes this a great unit to use in the darkness, allowing you to drink and eat late into the night – exactly what you want to do on holiday.


  • Space – this is one of the more generous units in terms of spacing, you have plenty of room to move around, both horizontally and vertically. This makes it a great option for taller users.
  • The functions of this caravan can be operated from a handy set of switches on the wall from the comfort of your dining room table.
  • The inside of this camper van is very plush, giving you plenty of comfort and the ability to prepare even quite complicated cuisines. This will be perfect if you fancy entertaining your friends with grilled cheese sandwiches from the outside of your van.
  • The inside of this camper van has a kitchen, a toilet and a sink facility, which will be a major help if you’re camped out in the middle of nowhere and don’t fancy doing your number two’s in the bushes.
  • This unit is designed to be very ergonomic and reduce the amount of fuel that your car will consume. This is particularly handy when you’re hoping to take long-haul trips that would usually consume gallons of fuel.


  • This is another very expensive unit, but considering the sheer number of features on offer, the dedicated camping enthusiast will certainly find this appealing.
  • Despite the additional length and width, this camper can still only sustain two fully grown adults and maybe an additional small child. However, bear in mind there is only room for one bed.

Buyer’s Guide

So what exactly is the appeal of these compact funny-shaped camper vans? Well, one of the major boons will be the size, it is compact enough to store in a large garage or even for keeping parked at the side of the road. These are also great to be used as touring caravans.

One of the main reasons that these smaller units make great touring caravans is because they can be parked discreetly almost anywhere. This is important especially when pitching “tent” in an area you might not be familiar with, as you might incur the ire of some of the neighbours.

But what are the best features that your camper van should be blessed with to make it reliable and efficient? Well, it depends on the intensity and frequency of the camping that you’ll be doing.

If you’re planning on making frequent journeys between campsites, then you’ll want something remarkably different than a camper for a one-stop camping holiday.

However, there are a few basic things that a camper van should provide, some of which we’ve listed below:

Is Your Camper Van Fuel Efficient?

Having a streamlined camper van that reduces the drag on your car will ultimately reduce the overall fuel costs on your car.

This will be a plus point for anyone who is doing a tour rather than a one-stop camping holiday, as they will want to conserve on the amount of money they spend getting to a campsite. This will also appeal to campers who plan on negotiating rough terrain.

How Much Space Do you Have?

Space will be a key issue for most campers, so you’ll need to be thinking about how many people you’re going to be taking with you before you buy your next camper van.

If you have a family of more than 4, even including young children, you might find that a teardrop camper van simply won’t be up to the task of accommodating you all.

You’ll find that the more people you bring, the more cramped your situation will be. The Standard Go-Pod is probably the only van on this list that would comfortably house a family of 4.

How Sturdy Is The Underside?

One thing you’ll want to avoid is your camper van snaking when it’s out on the road, so you’ll want to make sure that it has a coupling device that secures firmly to the back of your car with more than one lock.

The chassis will be one of the most overlooked elements of your campervan, as this is the part that suffers from the most knocks and impacts, particularly when negotiating rougher trails.

Ideally, you’ll want a suspension that can absorb plenty of shocks underneath, as this will negatively impact the contents of your van. If your van cannot withstand the impacts of your van, then the likelihood is that the inside of your van will be damaged also.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Best Cars For Towing Teardrop Caravans?

One of the main selling points of a teardrop-shaped caravan is that it can be pulled by most small cars easily. The only exceptions being an electric car, which could run the risk of having the warranty voided if you damage it while towing.

You might also not have a car that is equipped with a chassis that will allow towing. You’d be surprised at how many drivers assume that their car possesses the right attachments for pulling a teardrop caravan.

You should go and check whether your car does have this option before rushing to your nearest caravan dealer to buy one.

Our Final Say

When it comes to economical, durable and romantic camping, then you can’t go wrong with a teardrop caravan.

By packing all the essentials into one resilient and portable unit, the options for travelling are endless. 

Lying somewhere between camping with a tent and a full-sized camping vehicle, these are perfect for those adventurers for whom versatility and ease of use are paramount.



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