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Best Ladder For Cleaning Caravan Roof

Cleaning a caravan roof using a Youngman Multi Purpose Ladder.

There are many different types of caravan cleaning ladders on the market, and it can be difficult to determine which are the best ladders for motorhomes and caravans.

Made from materials from anodised aluminium to fibreglass, this article will discuss the pros and cons of three different types of ladders- telescopic ladder, step ladders, caravan fold up ladders and platforms so that you can make an informed decision about which ladder is best for you. W have a different post if you are looking for caravan steps to get into your caravan.

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We will also look at associated products to help protect your caravan and to increase safety.

Caravan Telescopic Ladder Versatile and easy to use

Telescopic Ladders: Telescopic ladders are a great choice for cleaning caravan and motorhome roofs because of their versatility.

With telescopic ladders, you can adjust the length to fit whatever space you need it to cover. They are also much more portable than other types of ladders and can be easily transported in a car or van.

They are also great to store because their adjustable length allows them to fit in small spaces.

However, the main disadvantage of telescopic ladders is that they are not as stable as other types of ladders. They can be more prone to toppling over if you don’t purchase a high quality telescopic ladder.

Best Telescopic Ladder For Cleaning Your Caravan Roof


Caravan Step Ladders

Steps are a popular choice for cleaning caravan roofs because they offer great stability and can be placed on uneven surfaces.

They come in a variety of sizes, so you can choose one that fits your needs.

They also have an extra-wide base or base ladder section for added safety. One disadvantage of step ladders is that they are not as easy to transport or store due to their size and bulkiness.


Caravan Fold Up Ladder (Also Know As Multi Purpose Ladder)

Fold Up Ladder: If you don’t want to purchase a separate ladder for your caravan, then a fold up ladder or Multi Purpose ladder is the perfect option.

These ladders are usually made of aluminium and can be folded for easy storage and transportation.

Usually called a multi purpose, this aluminium ladder can be used in the same way as an extension ladder, as steps or even as a low platform, ideal for bridging the caravans A-frame to clean the front of your tourer.  With so many foldable options its applications are almost limitless..

These ladders are the most versatile and my personal favourite caravan cleaning ladder.

Best Fold Up Ladder Allrounder for Caravan Cleaning

Youngman 576704 Multi-Purpose Ladder
My Favourite Multi Purpose Ladder


Platform For Cleaning Caravan Or Motorhome Roof

These platforms can be ideal for cleaning your caravan roof or to be used as a motorhome cleaning platform.

As well as their modern design, they are usually made from aluminium so they are lightweight and can be adjusted to fit a variety of heights.

The platform is wide enough to stand on with ease and has guards around the edges for extra safety.

This type of platform is great for higher caravan roofs as you don’t need to use a ladder at all. Always check your vehicle roof heights before purchasing though.

Best Platform For Cleaning Caravan Roof


Other Products to Help With Access And Safety For Caravan Cleaning

There are other products available to assist with providing exceptional stability for normal ladders to assist when cleaning your caravan or motorhome roof.

These include Caravan ladder protectors, that will protect the side of your caravan, Levelling devices and Rubber feet for your ladder.

Caravan Cleaning Ladder Safety

You must take reasonable care when using a ladder to clean your caravan.

We are not suggesting a full risk assessment, but taking a moment to think about if what you are about to do is safe could save an accident. Remember, using a ladder of any kind can be dangerous.

You should choose a ladder with a base ladder section. Anti-slip feet, like rubber feet or ladder levelling devices are also essential for extra stability.

Make sure you check the weight restrictions of your ladder to ensure that it is suitable for carrying all the materials needed to clean your caravan roof.

Finally, always make sure that you use a ladder correctly and with safety in mind, so wear appropriate clothing. Careless use of your ladders can result in serious accidents and even death.

Using a lightweight ladder will save you from straining your back or shoulders by lifting the ladder.

Caravan Ladder Protector Pad

The Caravan Ladder Protector Pad is an essential product for those wishing to safely clean their caravan or motorhome roof.

With its wide range of features, this pad offer significant protection for your caravan and Awning Rail.

It is designed to fit between the side of any caravan, campervan or motorhome and your ladder and acts as a cushion between your ladder and the caravan.

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Levelling Devices Safety For Your Ladder

The laddermat device is designed to help keep a consistent level when using ladders or steps on uneven ground surfaces. It fits under the frame of any kind of ladder and can be adjusted easily by adding or removing extra laddermats.

Ladder Levelling Device

Rubber Feet For Your Ladder May Stop the Ladder From Slipping

Another great safety solution is replacing the feet on your ladder with non slip rubber feet.

This may save falling off the ladder of slippy surfaces such as moss covered wet block paved drives.

You may be able to find rubber feet designed specifically for your ladder or universal rubber feet like this one

How do you access a caravan roof?

The best way to access the caravan roof it to do the following:

  1. Lower the front of the caravan slightly so that the water can run off the roof.  If you have a motorhome you may likje tom use your levelling ramps.
  2. Position your Ladder to the rear of the caravan. First hose off the roof to remove and dusk.
  3. Using your caravan washing brush, clean the half of the caravan roof closest to you. Take extra care around the roof light, aerial and any vents
  4. Mover your ladder forward and repeat until you get tho the front of the caravan (or motorhome)
  5. Change sides and repeat.
  6. Hose off again to remove any soap.  once dry re-level your caravan.


When deciding which type of caravan cleaning ladder is best for you, consider what type of vehicle you have. Also consider the heights that need to be reached, your budget and how often you will use the ladder.

It’s important to remember that safety should always be your first priority when cleaning the roof of your caravan or motorhome.

Investing in a quality product will ensure you stay safe and have an enjoyable time while cleaning.

With the variety of products available today, there is sure to be a perfect solution for all types of vehicle owners.



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