TaB 400 mexican sunset review and technical specifications

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I have just returned from the Caravan Camping & motorhome show 2023 at the NEC Birmingham, where I have been looking at the impressive t@b or tab 400 mexican sunset.

In this article I will tell you all about one of my favourite mini caravans and why it is one of the  best teardrop caravans that I saw at the show.

Who are T@b caravans

T@B pronounced TAB are the small or mini caravans of the German brand Knaus.  Speaking to another show attendee we agreed that Knaus are very different to British vans, in both style and layout. They even have a fantastic motorcycle camping trailer.

Why do I like the tab 400 mexican sunset so much

Historically, I have never been a great fan of teardrop caravans.  I must admit that I never really saw the point.  However with the boom in electric vehicles they offer a solution to the battery drain issue when towing heavy caravans.

They are also growing on me as a lifestyle choice.  

But unlike some of the other very pretty teardrops that I saw such as the turquoise  Go-pod 2.2 Micro pictured below, the tab 400 mexican sunset is not just great looking from the outside but huge inside.  It is like a tardis.  I had to go into the caravan several times as it seemed impossible that such a small unit could be so spacious on the inside.

Tab 400 mexican sunset Internal Layout

Inside the rear of the T@B L400


As you can see from my pictures, The tab 400 mexican sunset has a double bed at the from of the van, A large cupboard to the right, a kitchen work surface as large as my own traditional four birth Abbey Fairway, a rear seating area with a table (this changes to a second bed) and a bathroom with a toilet, wash hand basin and even a shower, again the bathroom was as big as my own caravan.

Inside the front of the TAB L400 Mexican Sunset

I am 6’1 and in may of these tear drop caravans i struggle for headroom.  but not in the tab 400 mexican sunset!  the technical specification lists an interior headroom of 198cm.  Thats 6’6” the same as an interior door in your house.

Inside the Bathroom of the TAB L400 Mexican sunset

Other technical Specifications of the T@B 400

Length – 597cm

Interior Length – 421cm

Interior Width – 204cm

Interior height – 198cm

MTPLM – 1200

Bed Dimensions Front 145cm x 198cm

Bed dimensions Rear 70cm x 195cm

T@B 400 Cost

The on the road price including optional extras of Autark Pack (£1784.00), Side Service Locker (£240.00)  Alloy Wheels (£499.00) Underfloor Heating (£574.00) Luggage Nuts (£199.00)  Ambient Lighting (£305.00) and Roof Rails (£252.00).  The Coloured body kit – Mexican Sunset is £1328.00 giving a total price of the display model £27,261.00

Conclusion – Would I buy one?

I love this little caravan.  It wouldn’t be for my family as we are a family of two adults and two teenage kids.  But if it was just me and the wife and I had an electric car in a complementary colour maybe silver, Yellow or Orange then yes this may be up my street.

I think that the Tab 400 could be further complemented with an awning for extra space but it would have to be in keeping with the funky design.



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