Best Pork Loin Steak Recipe

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Use your Cadac barbecue to Pimp up your pork with the best pork loin steak recipe

Pork is on of the most barbecued meats, but not in its loin steak form.  Most pork cooked on a barbecue is in the form of sausage, and bacon.

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Many people cook pork in the oven in gravy. Pulled pork has become particularly popular of recent time.

This tells us that a pork steak on its own is, quite honestly a bit boring and like chicken, benefits from being pimped up a bit.

Our Pork with apple sauce and mature cheddar is the perfect, tasty way to present a pork steak and we think its the best pork loin steak recipe to prepare either at home or whilst away in your caravan.


  • 4 pork steaks
  • Good quality grated cheddar cheese
  • 1 jar of apple sauce
  • Salt
  • Black pepper.
Pork loin with apple sauce and cheese

This Pork Loin Steak recipe is good because its so easy


Put your Cadac bbq together for barbecuing with the wire rack as opposed to using the hot plate as described in my post that teaches cooking steak on a Cadac.

Turn the Cadac to a medium heat, about half way on the dial.

Let the Cadac get up to temperature, then put the poke on the bbq.

Turn regular until cooked.

Grab the jar of apple sauce. Using a teaspoon, evenly load the pork with the apple sauce.


Sprinkle the greater cheese over the pork until  Melted. (It will melt faster if you put the lid on at this point)

Add a little salt and a generous amount of black pepper.

What to serve with pork loin steaks?

Serve with a jacket potato and either baked beans or salad. This makes it particularly easy if you are in your caravan as you can easily cook the jackets in your caravan  halogen oven and serve when you are ready with some butter and more cheese (You can probably tell, I like cheese)


Frequently asked questions

Q) Can you pan fry the pork instead?

A). You will find better results and a tastier pork steak if you bbq the meat. You may also find that the cheese will start to fry and brown more if you pan fry, however that may be more to your taste.


Q). What else can you use to pimp up the pork?

A). Mustard and cheese work well and honey and cheese may also be to some tastes. You could even use bbq sauce, however the strength of the flavor may drown out the pork.


Q). Are there any other variations of this recipe?

A). For anyone with a large appetite you could always pre cook some bacon and load it on top of the apple sauce before you sprinkle the cheese.


Q) Do you recommend any brand of apple sauce or cheese?

A) The better the apple sauce and cheese the better the flavor.  We haven’t tested different brands of apple sauce or cheese. All I can tell you is that I use the own brand from Aldi.




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