Caravan Covers Review

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Many people have discussed the pros and cons of using a caravan cover to protect your caravan but few have done a caravan cover review.

In this article we will cover not only caravan cover reviews but include a buyers guide.

So should you believe, that there are more pros than cons to using a caravan cover, then you will know which caravan cover to choose.

What size cover do i need for my caravan?

The size of caravan or motorhome cover that you will need can cause some confusion.

People are confused with overall size, shipping size etc.  the easiest method to use so that you know that you will get the correct caravan cover or motorhome cover size is to measure it.

In the diagrams below we show where you need to measure your caravan or motorhome so that you get the cover that fits best.

size from caravan cover review size of motorhome cover review

If the cover that you are about to purchase is in between sizes then there may be a tendency to go larger but this would be a mistake.

The best way would be to go a size smaller.  This is a little bit counterintuitive, but if you go bigger, then you may have lots of material left over.

This makes it harder to secure and a caravan cover that’s blowing about in the wind could cause scratches to your caravan.

So let a take a look at some caravan covers

Top Rated Caravan Cover Review

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You only have to look at the number of five start caravan cover reviews that Maypole has to see that they are the market leader in the UK.

What ever size you are looking for Maypole have a cover to suite.

Maypole 9536 Caravan Cover Fits 6.8 - 7.4 m - Green
  • Item Package Weight: 14.1 kg
  • Item Package Length: 47.0 cm
  • Item Package Width: 48.5 cm
  • Item Package Height: 59.0 cm
  • 4 vents with covers for extra breathability

Best budget caravan cover review

Purley Outdoors as a  Family business based in Nuneaton in Warwickshire.  This give you the confidence that you can contact them in the future should you need to.


CoverPRO Premium 4 Ply Caravan Cover 23ft - 25ft
  • Water proof
  • Heavy duty
  • Breathable
  • Easy to attach


Top Quality caravan cover review

Don’t be put off by the American style name. RV Masking Cover are said to make exceptional caravan covers using military layered to best care for your caravan or motor home.


RVMasking 2021 Upgraded 150D Travel Trailer RV Cover Fits up to 15' RV, Ripstop Camper Cover with Tongue Jack Cover and Gutter Cover(Sponge Design)
  • Fitsup to 15' travel trailers(Please measure your RV as shown in our picture BEFORE PURCHASE); Include instruction, tongue jack cover, adhesive repair patch, Gutter cover with Spong design, storage bag, toss bag; 30 Days Money Back Guarantee, 3 Years Warranty
  • [DURABLE & WATERPROOF]: Made of 150d high density polyster with silver coating + corner reinforcements at front and rear + all double stitch seams, protect your RV from scratch, dust, rain, snow, and UV rays; Provide Gutter Cover with Sponge design, Prevent sharp objects from piercing your rv cover, prolong servce life.
  • [2 EXTRA WINDPROOF SSTRAPS FOR BETTER WINDPROOF]: Reinforced 2 pcs all-around windproof straps, 4 pcs waterproof Straps & Buckles at botton, elasticized hem corners, adjustable front & rear tension panels provide a custom fit, protect your car cover from blowing off in heavy wind
  • [BREATHABLE]: 4 Side air vents reduces wind stress, breathable material allows maximum evaporation of water under the cover, prolong service life
  • [Lightweight and easy to install]: Weighted buckle toss-under for a quick installation by 1 or 2 people without any tools; Rollable zippered doors for easy access to the engine area

Caravan Cover Buyers guide


There are four main areas of concern when choosing a caravan cover.

  • Materiial
  • water proof
  • Uv Protection
  • easy to fit

Caravan cover material


The material used needs to be breathable. Most of the caravan covers reviewed in this article are breathable and some are made up of several layers.

This is to give a scratch resistant surface at the bottom layer and waterproof at the top.

The caravan cover need to be breathable so that any moisture can escape to save mold building underneath the cover.

Uv protection

In the UK we always think about weather protection being the wind snow frost and rain.  However protection from the sun is just as important. Particularly if you may be leaving your caravan in France or Spain at any point

The sun can dry out the paint and bake on bird dropping once again causing paint damage.  The Ultra violet light from the sun can also cause both paint and graphics to fade.

Easy to fit


Fitting the caravan cover is another important aspect of fitting a caravan cover.  Many covers require two people and care and a suitable ladder should be taken when negotiating tear drop Areals and vents on top of the caravan.


Types of caravan cover


The main types of caravan cover are :

Full caravan cover

This covers the whole caravan.  Some of the caravan covers reviewed here include a free hitch cover.

Top only caravan cover

This just covers the roof of the caravan where most of the bad weather will sit.  It doesn’t cover the sides of the caravan. This can mean that you get the benefit for protection with the risk of scratching the windows. Wind can be a problem with this type of caravan cover

Hitch cover

As mentioned above some of the caravan covers reviewed here come with a free hitch cover.  You can purchase a hitch cover on its own. This will protect the more mechanical parts such as the stabilizer, hitch lock, hand break and Jocky wheel.

Towing cover

This type of cover is intended to save the front of the caravan from stone chips and dirt whilst being towed behind your vehicle.

Motorhome cover

The motorhome cover is the same as the full caravan cover, intended for motorhomes.


Frequently asked questions


Q) Does the caravan cover get dirty and what is the best way to clean your caravan cover?

A) The towing cover tends to get dirty compared to the other types.  This could be cleaned with a soft caravan cleaning brush.  If it gets very dirty you could try cleaning it with a jet wash but you must be very careful, particularly if it is a few year old.


Q). Do caravan covers rip easy?

A) This depends of the type of material use in the caravan cover. The better quality ones will generally last longer.


Q) Can you access that caravan when the cover is on?

A) Some of the caravan covered reviewed one this article have a zipped door so that you can still get access to the caravan whilst the caravan cover is in place.


Q) What is the most popular colour for caravan covers.

A) The most popular colour date Green and Grey



Q) Are there any other benefits to covering your caravan.

A). We have listed many of the pros and cons of using a caravan cover. The only is the security aspect. Whilst the caravan is covered, any would be thief wouldn’t know the make or model you have under the cover and the hitch cover will make it harder to steal.



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