Moisture Traps for Caravans

Moisture traps for Caravans and Statics

Between the end of the season and the start of the next it is always a good idea to do everything that you can to ensure that your touring of static caravan will be free from problems.  

The irony is that the greatest threat to caravans is the one thing that keeps us all alive.  Its what we use to clean our caravans and fill our Aqua Rolls.


Frozen water can damage our pipes and pumps, snow can destroy our awnings.  There is one other way that water can lurk in plane view as a hidden caravan cancer. 


Do you have damp in your caravan?  You can use damp meters for caravans to tell you the moisture level.  If you want to prevent this from being too high, there is something that we can all do to protect out pride and joy from this invisible caravan killer.  

Introducing the Moisture trap 

Using a moisture trap in your static or touring caravan can extract the damp from the air producing a container of water from, well, nowhere!  Plucking moisture from the air into a handy container is both simple and clever.  With several different moisture traps on the market using crystals and tablets to remove particles of water from the air.

And they are cheap to..

Multi buys can save you even more dosh, meaning that you can buy several at once for every room or area where you thing that damp could cause a problem.

If you really want to spoil yourself , some even have built in air fresheners.

Returning to your caravan at the start of the season, wether it is a tourer that has been hibernating in storage.  Or a  static, standing lonely on a pitch recovering from a hard winter,.  You should be proud that, like the squirrel who hides his nuts in preparation for the cold months, you armed with a cellophane wrapped, six pack of sandwich box looking dehumidifiers, did everything you could to keep the damp at bay and cared for your caravan.



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