Damp Meters For Caravans

The UK’s Top Damp Meters to Protect your Caravan

Damp in your caravan can cost you more than a missed holiday. Left unchecked, damp is one of the major dangers to any caravan. It can infiltrate your beloved vehicle causing significant damage and potential health risks, not to mention a costly repair bill. So, when caring for your caravan, what can you do to prevent and protect yourself from damp?

A key bit of kit for any caravan owner is a quality damp meter.

This techy device will show you how much moisture you have in and around your caravan, recording the moisture levels between its two prongs. Readings will range from 0-35% moisture, with a reading of 15-20% indicating a need to monitor moisture, 20-24% meaning you should definitely continue to test and check, 25-30% meaning that repairs are likely and 30+% meaning your caravan may need significant work. While different factors such as humidity affect the reading, using a comparative analysis, this kit will provide a vital measure of moisture in your vehicle and will save you headaches down the road.

Remember, when using a damp meter it’s important to note down the temperature and weather conditions of the day, a wet or humid day will likely increase the moisture reading on your damp meter. Aim for a dry day and take a few readings to monitor any changes in moisture levels around your caravan.

Using a damp meter is a no-brainer really when you think of the thousands of pounds it could save you in expensive repairs. But which damp meter should you choose?

I’ve compiled the best meters on the market so you can save time and get straight to the one you need, read on to find out more!

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Comparison table:

Name Wood Moisture Meter 2020 New Upgrade Wood Moisture Meter Damp Meter, Handheld Moisture & Temperature Detector   Wood Moisture Meter 7250 Damp/ Moisture Meter for Timber & Building
Brand Aoputtriver GOCHANGE Amgaze Zoto ETI Ltd
Display Backlit LED Backlit 1.7-inch LCD display Backlit, large HD LCD display Large LCD display Digital display with 20-LED bar graph
Accuracy (wood) +1% +0.5% +4% +5% N/A
Measurement range 6-42% for wood 0-99% for wood 1-70% for wood 0-100% for wood  4-40% for wood
Batteries Included x4 AAA, not included x1 9V,  included x2 AAA, included X3 AAA, not included
Warranty 2-years N/A N/A N/A 2-years
Additional info   4 modes for different wood types 4 modes for different materials including wood and building materials. Pocket-sized Designed for building professionals. 5 scales for different materials. Plus 50 spare pins.
Temperature Measure Included N/A Included Included N/A
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Let’s take a look at these in some more detail: 

Aoputtriver Wood Moisture Measurer

For an easy option try the Aoputtriver Wood Moisture Meter, this is a great small sized damp meter with 2 high precision pins that can measure to an accuracy of +1% in all corners of your vehicle.  

This meter has some practical key features such as a two-year warranty, perfect if you want to keep checking your caravan for years to come.

It also comes with batteries included, a small thing, but for anyone worried about a potential damp problem knowing this product will be ready for use on arrival is a great reassurance. 

GoChange 2020 Wood Moisture Meter

The GoChange Wood Moisture Meter has just had a 2020 upgrade and offers a range of benefits that make it super accurate for a range of different wood types. 

This kit has 4 modes for different wood groups that covers around a 100 different species of wood. This handy function is sure to help you accurately test your caravan in all wood types, and with a sensitivity of 0-99.9%, this damp meter will give you piece of mind. 

The meter also comes with a satisfaction guarantee. This company offers a 24-hour response time should you have any issues – a great reassurance before you purchase.

Zoto Wood Moisture Meter 

The Zoto Wood Moisture Meter is another great handheld meter offering accuracy and ease of use. 

With a separate temperature measure that can be used while the protective cap covers the pins, this damp meter is properly multi-functional. 

It also includes a carry case and is a pocket-sized device, which is great for storing your meter and getting into those small corners and nooks in your caravan. 

Amgaze Handheld Damp Meter

This handheld damp meter and temperature monitor is a great option if you’re looking for an easy to use meter for a variety of materials.

With 4 modes for different types of wood and other building materials, you can be sure that this little meter has the kind of accuracy you need for all parts of your caravan.

Another great feature is the large backlit HD LCD display. You’ll be able to see readings from all over your vehicle, including harder to reach areas.

ETI Professional 7250 Damp/ Moisture Meter

Finally, you can’t get better than the ETI Professional 7250 Damp/ Moisture Meter. As the name suggests, this product is used by professionals and tradesmen.

It has 5 scales of measurement for greater accuracy in measuring woods, plaster, concrete and includes a reference scale.

The product includes a handy case for proper storage as well as 50 replacement pins. With a two-year warranty, this damp meter is built to last and well worth the investment.

So there you have it, the top damp meters on the market. My top three recommendations are:

·  The Aoputtriver Wood Moisture Meter for a compact ready to use device.

·  The Amgaze handheld for a large screen and 4 modes to choose from.

·  The ETI Professional 7250 Damp/ Moisture Meter, for a professional meter with 5 scales for different materials and 50 spare pins.

Remember that a damp meter is a useful tool in checking the moisture in your caravan, it should be used alongside visual checks and if you have any concerns, or are pulling readings above 25%, you should speak to a professional.

For issues of caravan moisture see our article on moisture traps for caravans

So, protect your caravan today and get yourself a reliable damp meter – you’ll thank yourself for it later!


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