How to Repair Caravan Cassette Blinds, Seitz & Remis Caravan Blinds Repair

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So you need to repair your caravan cassette blinds, Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as you may think.  Hopefully the information that I am about to give you in this article will save you the cost of replacement particularly as replacement blinds can be quite expensive.  

Having discovered how easy repairing caravan cassette blinds is, I have helped save several of my friends to save the cost of replacement.  

To help you further I will also link to any products that you may need to help.  Later in the article we will also look at preventative action that you can take to help look after your cassette blinds.

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What are Remis blinds, Seitz Blinds and why may the need repair?

Many caravans are fitted with either Remis Blinds or Seitz blinds.  Both Remis Blinds and Seitz blinds, contain a blind and fly screen in a cassette above the window that you pull down in order to close them.  The other type of Seitz blinds pull up to close.  These blinds are pleated and we will look at repairing this type of blind another time.

In this article we will look at repairing flat pull down caravan Blinds.

Most common issues that require repair.

There are two main problems that can occur.  

  1. The blind won’t stay down on one or both sides (this can also happen to the fly screen)
  1. The blind won’t lift up because it has lost tension.

In this article we will address both issues.

What tools will I need to repair my caravan cassette Blind?

You should only need basic tools such as a flat head and pozidrive screwdriver to repair your blind.  You may also find a tourch useful is the casette can often be located in shadowed areas.  You may also find some long nose pliers useful but not essential.

Caravan blinds and flyscreens spares

Blind not staying down – If you are fixing there issue of the blind not staying in its down position on either or both sides then you will need new end clips as shown here:

(Whilst these are manufactured by Seitz they will fit both types of blind we are talking about here.)

Blind Not lifting up – If you are repairing the issue of the blind not lifting up then you should not require spares.

To repair the issue of the blind not staying down.


Step 1 – Access the blind

You now have a choice.  You can either:

Remove the side tracks that the blind runs up and down


Very carefully pull down the blind to about half way and tilt it until it comes out of its tracks.

The danger of the first option is that you can get a problem with the screws, this can depend on the age of the caravan.  The danger of the second option is that you rip the blind or fly screen.  This risk could be reduced if you get someone to help you.  

Step 2 – Remove the end clip

use pliers to remove end clip from the blind

Once you have freed the end of the blind or flyscreen you should see a clip.  It should look like this (image above) but if your blind is not staying down then it will be because the end of the clip has broken and will not be able to clip into the keep build into the track as pictured below. 

end clip on cassette bling fly screenport in vertical end track

You may be able to remove the end clip using just your fingers, alternatively use a pair of pliers to grip the old end clip. Gently put and the end clip will come out of the end of the blind.

Step 3 – Fit the new blind end clip

replace new clip in blind

Fitting the new end clip is as easy as pushing it into the blind in the place where you removed the old one. 

Just be very careful not to damage the end clip whilst pushing it into place.

Step 4 – Replace the blind

Put the blind back into position using the reverse of step 1. You will now see that when the end clip locates into the end track, it will stay down.

To repair the issue of the blind not lifting up

How Do Caravan Blinds Work

Diagram to show how caravan blinds word

Caravan cassette blinds are very simple.  The rod at the top that the blind wraps around is held under tension be a spring.  When the blind is pulled down the hooks on the end of the bottom of the blind rest in ports on the vertical side track preventing it from rising.  When unhooked the spring window the blind back up.

Step 1 – Remove the blind end cap

end capend cap removed

To remove the end cap you simply need to hold it with your hand and give it a bit of a wiggle.  It will then open and lift away.  Be careful not to break the plastic pins that hold the cap in place when replaced.  removing the cap will reveal (on one end) two flat head screw caps.  The rear one is for the fly screen and the front one is for the blind.

Step 2 – Secure the blind

Before you can increase the tension on the blind you will need to secure the blind in the down position.  To do this place the end caps in the ports on the vertical blind tracks.

Step 3 – How to tension a caravan blind

To tension the blind you will need to turn the flat head screw and press until it pops out of the bayonet type filling.  Some pop out inwards, some pop out towards you.  Either way the idea is that you keep turning the screw (you will feel the tension increase as you turn).  Once you have a fair amount of tension on the screw allow the screw back into the bayonet fitting.

tension screws for fly screen and blindrelease screw from bayonet bling end cap tension blind by turning the rod

Check that the blind has enough tension by unhooking it from the ports in the vertical side tracks and see if it rises up fast enough.

If it does more on to step 4, if not repeat step 3.

Step 4 – Replace the blinds end cap.

Very carefully replace the end cap by doing the reverse of what you did to remove it in step 1.

A note about caravan skylight blind repair

If you need to carry out skylight blind repairs the the process is very much the same but on a smaller and less technical scale.

A cap covers the whole length of the skylight blind and the idea is to pop the bling out of its end stays, increase the tension on the rooflight bling by hand (a bit like rolling up a roll of gift wrap or wall paper as tight as you can) then pop the ends back into their ports without loosing tension on the skylight blind.

Most smaller skylight blinds are as easy to replace as they are very inexpensive.

How to Repair Caravan Cassette Blinds – Conclusion

In conclusion, repairing blinds requires very few tools and parts, is very inexpensive and takes very little time.

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Frequently asked questions


Do You Travel With Caravan Binds Up or Down

You should keep Caravan Blinds in their open position when traveling.  Thus will prevent damage to the spring and the end clip.  If you require privacy then close the caravan curtains.

Should You Keep Caravan Blinds Up or Down In Winter

You should keep caravan blinds in the open position in winter storage so that the blind doesn’t lose tension.  If you require privacy then close the curtains

(You can read here where to buy caravan curtains)



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  • Andrew Banthorp Mar 4, 2024 @ 20:27

    The blinds on my motorhome which are flat type have got trefoil backing but the foil has delamination from the backing and jams the blind any suggestions on repair please

    • admin Mar 5, 2024 @ 6:40

      Thanks for your comment Andrew. To me this sounds like it may need replacing. Unless anyone else in the community has experience of the same and can make and suggestions?

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    Hi thanks for the great information on blind repair will give me the confidence to tackle my limp non returning front blind with the knowledge you gave me, thanks
    regards. Phil

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      Glad to hear it Phil. Hope you enjoy the season

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