Where To Buy Caravan Curtains

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Where to buy caravan curtains in the UK

Wether you are looking to replace curtains in your caravan or find new curtains for a recently converted motorhome, you may have found that trying to find new curtains in the colour, size and style that you need is more difficult thank you first thought.  

I know because this because it happened to me with my first caravan (my Coachman Mirage).  

In this article I will help you to avoid the disappointment of getting the wrong caravan curtains delivered and having to return them.  

We will compare the best places to go to buy caravan curtains, plug as a bonus, I will give you check list of what you need to consider when ordering and offer an alternative solution that you may not have thought of.

The problem with trying to buy caravan curtains

The size problem is exacerbated by the fact that caravan manufacturers may state that a curtain can be used on both static caravans and motorhomes, but they don’t take into account the differences in window sizes between each type of caravan. 

The result is, that it can be very difficult to find curtains for your caravan.

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Cheapest place to Buy Caravan Curtains

If you would like to buy at the lowest price then eBay is a good place to start. There are many different types and styles of caravan curtains and if you know what they look like before you purchase them, it is easier to make sure that you will receive the correct curtains. 

You can also see whether or not the item has been used and how much postage and packaging there will be. 

This makes eBay a great place to buy caravan curtains because it is easy to see the full range of items that are available for sale and what they look like before you purchase them.

Where to Buy Made to measure Caravan Curtains

The solution is to go online and look for a website that only sells caravan curtains. There are some sites that have been specially designed by people who really know this niche market. 

This way, depending on the size of your window, you can choose a curtain which will fit physically and aesthetically.

Make your own caravan curtains

Instead of buying caravan curtains, why not try to make your own. The video below shows how to make basic curtains and this can be adapted to make caravan curtains.

You don’t need fancy equipment to make your own curtains for your caravan. There is no reason why you can’t create something spectacular with very little in the way of materials and time. All you need is a suitable fabric, some basic sewing skills and creativity.

The design possibilities are endless. You could use an old quilt or blanket for a patchwork effect, or you could try making a set of your favourite country-style curtains. You might want to use an eyelet curtain with a tie back detail, or some voile drapes with a holdback rod.

Once you have decided on the type of fabric you want to use and purchased all your materials, you’ll have to decide how many pieces of fabric you will need. Measure the windows and times the width by two, as you need allow for enough gather.

hooks for caravan curtains

Types of hooks for caravan curtains.

Caravan curtains are generally hung on hooks which clip over the window frame, either plastic or metal. 

Some rails also have end stops on them. These end stops prevent the curtain from falling off the rail, particularly when driving along.  The curtain hooks in my caravan however are fixed in place.  To replace then you would need to unscrew the track.  The curtains themselves however can easily be detached so that they can be washed.


caravan curtain tie back

Caravan Curtain Tie backs

To hold the curtain open during the day, a tie back is used. These can be fairly elaborate items with highly decorative pattens and even lace depending on the age of your caravan. They have to be long enough to go around more than one set of hooks and still give you enough room to open your window fully.

Trend Furnishings Kalmar Twist Caravan Curtains Perfect for Caravan Motorhome Campervans (Cream, 44" Width x 42" Drop Curtains)
  • Kalmar twist fabric is a bumpy type of soft fabric. It is a very good quality fabric used for curtains and often for upholstery as it is usually heavyweight and durable making it perfect for your caravan.
  • Curtains and Valance come with a Tape Top Pencil Pleat to allow you to insert plastic hooks and hang onto the curtain track
  • All Curtains Are Fully Lined and Contain 2 individual curtains in each pack. Valance and Door Curtains come individually
  • Valance and Tie Backs have to be purchased separately to create a set (as per the image)
  • We pride ourselves on manufacturing each curtain on site and individually. Each curtain is inspected to ensure you receive a quality product. We DO NOT manufacture in bulk. This allows us to quality control each pair of curtains.

Caravan Curtain FAQ’s

Do you close caravan curtains at night?

If you have blinds there really is no need to close the curtains.They are mostly their fir decorative reasons.They are a great back up plan however should your blinds break.

How do you remove caravan curtains?

The best way is to remove the curtains by removing the hook from the heading tape.This way they can be washed without putting the hooks in to your washing machine.

What material are caravan curtains made of?

The best fabric for caravan curtains is 100% cotton.Some curtains are a blend of cotton and other mixed fibres.

Are Dunelm caravan curtains any good?

As far as I know dunelm don’t sell caravan curtains but if you are close to a branch of dunelm then this could be a good option to find material.

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