Caravan Aquaroll

What Is A Caravan Aquaroll?

How you get water to the taps in a caravan, may seem like a silly question to ask. Don’t worry, that’s why we’re here.

You use an Aquaroll – what is an Aquaroll?  It’s basically a large polymer material barrel with a handle that fits into the sides so that you can roll it backwards and forwards to the closest tap on the caravan site.

There are other ways to autofill an Aquaroll but I will come onto that in a bit.

The Aquaroll then connects to the caravan and provides fresh drinking water just like at home.  The water provided from the Aquaroll feeds both the hot and cold taps, the sink and the shower.

The only thing that the Aquaroll doesn’t  provide water for is the caravan toilet.


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How Many Litres Does An Aquaroll Hold?

Most Aquaroll’s are 40L but they do also sell a 25L version. If you need more water then you can connect Aquaroll’s together.

Aqaroll Measurements and dimensions

40L Aquaroll dimensions are as follows

‎50.1 x 42 x 41 cm

Usually you will find that the water inlet on your caravan is the perfect height once the filling pipe or pump in connected to the caravan.  you can however get a stand for the Aquaroll if you require one.

How To Connect Aquaroll To Caravan

Connecting the ‎Aquaroll to your caravan will be done in one of two ways.

  • Onboard Pump
  • Separate pump (often called a Whale pump after the brand Whale)

Onboard pump

If you have an onboard pump then you will have a connection hose that sinks in the water inside your ‎Aquaroll.

Separate or Whale Pump

If you have this type of pump then the pump connects to the side of the caravan with a hose and cable in one plug.  The pump its self then submerges into the water inside the Aquaroll.


Aquaroll Autofill – How To Avoid The Effort Of Refilling

Many people use a device to auto refill the Aquaroll.  This works with a mechanical float switch that you can put inside the Aquaroll.

When you use the tap inside the caravan, the water level drops and so does the float, allowing more water to enter the Aquaroll.

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How To Clean Aquaroll In Seconds

Some people forget to clean the Aquaroll.  It is very important to empty the Aquaroll each time you go home if you are leaving your caravan on a site for the whole season.

This is to prevent bacteria and viruses to grow, particularly if your Aquaroll is left in direct sunlight and becomes warm.

I suggest using a contact steriliser and wash it out before you fill it back up with fresh water.


Aquaroll Accessories

There are several accessories available for your Aquaroll.  Many shown below.

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