Vax Blade 4 Review- Is It Worth Buying For Caravan Owners?

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Are you looking for a powerful and efficient cordless vacuum cleaner that is perfect for use in your caravan? Look no further than the Vax Blade 4! These amazing cordless vacuums have all of the features, specs, and benefits that make it an ideal vacuum cleaner for caravan owners. In this review, we’ll explore exactly why the Vax Blade 4 is such a great option.

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We’ll look at its features and specifications, as well as its pros and cons so you can make an informed decision about whether or not it’s worth buying for your caravan needs. Read on to find out more!

Vax TBT3V1B1 Blade Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, 0.6 Litre, 32 V
  • As powerful as a corded vacuum!
  • 32V Lithium battery delivers a powerful 45 minute runtime.
  • Vax SMART CONTROL dial is designed tooffer a smarter more efficient way of cleaning.
  • Vax DIRECT HELIX TECHNOLOGYprovides optimum performance in anycleaning orientation.
  • Boost mode will instantly increase powerat the touch of a button.
  • Accessories & Consumables: Foam filter: 1-7-138744, Pre-motor filter: 1-7-138743, Pet/Stair tool: 1-9-138760

Overview of the Vax Blade 4 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The Vax Blade 4 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is the perfect choice for touring caravaners looking for a powerful and efficient cordless vacuum cleaner.

With its five minute runtime, Direct Helix Technology, SMART CONTROL dial, horizontal cylinder design, multi-handle position on the handheld, detachable handheld option for upholstery cleaning, boost mode to instantly increase power at the touch of a button, floor head designed for optimal pick-up performance on every type of flooring surface and easy access cyclone filter system.

Vax cordless vacuums offers superior suction power that will make light work of any mess in your caravan. It’s lightweight design also makes it incredibly portable so you can easily take it with you wherever you go. All these features combined make the Vax Blade 4 an ideal companion for smart and powerful cordless cleaning in your caravan!

Why is the Cylinder horizontal?

The Cylinder is horizontal mostly for ergonomic reasons. Vax know that comfort when using their machines is important and for this reason they felt that a horizontal cylinder would provide better balance.

What Is Direct Helix Technology all about?

No clear description for direct Helix Technology is give, even on the Vaz website. The most simple description that we could fine in plain English, is that the flow of air is less interrupted than in other cleaners, meaning greater suction.

Does It have good Battery Life?

The Lithium battery is said to last 45 minute. For caravan owners with such a small living area this would be more than enough. Based on this, I estimate that giving an approximate cleaning time of 5 minutes for a caravan, you would only need to recharge of your caravan break was going to last more than 9 Days (Giving that you only vacuum once per day). They say that the recharge time is three hours.

What is Vax onepwr

Vax onepwr blade uses the same battery across the vax range. So the battery that you get with the vax onepwr blade 4 is compatable with other vax products.

What Is The Vax Blade Lie To Use

The knowledge of the crowd ie reviews are always the best guide to answer this sort of question. Out of over sixteen hundred reviews on this machine that I could find over a thousand people gave the vacuum five stars, over four hundred gave it four and less than sixty people awarded one star. I think that these figures speak for themselves.

What Other Accessories are included

Motorised Pet Tool

This is a motorised brush head (meaning that the brush bar turns) designed for removing pet hair.

Crevice Tool

Ideal, particularly in a caravan environment. The crevice tool is useful for getting down the side and back of the sofa. You may also need the crevice tool for areas where the brush bar is too wide ie around an island bed.

Bristle Dusking Brush

The dusting brush is ideal for removing dust where a cloth would just spread it around. The dusting brush can be used and surfaces but we found it really useful around mouldings.

How Good Is It Against Alternative Battery Vacuum Cleaners

We recently wrote an article on the best caravan vacuum cleaners. This is a great place to compare it to other cordless vacuum cleaners.

Features and Specifications and benefits of the Vax Blade 4


The Vax has several features which are beneficial to caravan owners. The five minute runtime allows you to quickly clean up messes before they become bigger problems while still being able to get other tasks done in between uses. The Direct Helix Technology provides maximum airflow efficiency making it more effective than traditional vacuums when sucking up dust particles or pet hair. The SMART CONTROL dial helps you adjust settings so that you can customise your cleaning experience depending on what kind of surfaces need attention. Additionally, the horizontal cylinder design makes maneuverability easier as well as providing stability when placed upright

Pros and Cons of Vax Cordless Vacuums


Pros of the Vax Blade 4 include its long runtime, superior suction power, adjustable settings, and easy maneuverability. It is also lightweight, making it very portable and ideal for use in a caravan environment. Additionally, its cyclone filter system ensures maximum cleanliness.

Cons of the Vax Blade 4 include its short battery life, so you will need to recharge it often. Additionally, the cordless design can make usage a bit more difficult in certain areas and its price tag may be steep for some individuals.

Final Thoughts on Whether or Not It Is Worth Buying for Caravan Owners

The Vax Blade 4 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is a great choice for caravan owners looking for a powerful and efficient cordless vacuum cleaner. It offers a long runtime, superior suction power, adjustable settings, and easy maneuverability. Additionally, its cyclone filter system ensures maximum cleanliness. Although its short battery life may be an inconvenience, it is still a great option for caravan owners. With its many features and benefits, this cordless vacuum cleaner is definitely worth buying for caravan owners.



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