Best Caravan Toilet Chemicals

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Many of us already know how to clean a cassette toilet and you may feel that finding the best caravan toilet cleaner isn’t that important and doesn’t require more than a moments thought. 

But when you come to think about it, you will probably buy many gallons of caravan toilet and caravan cleaning chemicals over time and spend hundreds of pounds. So finding the best chemical for your cassette toilet may be more important thank you first thought.

What is the best Chemical for portable toilets?

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There are two main things to consider.

  1. Does it do a good job of taking away any unpleasant odours.
  1. How environmentally friendly is it, this includes both the wider environment and your own health

But more about the environmental impact and links with cancer in a bit. 

I have always favored the traditional blue in the bottom tank and pink in the top tank.

Until recently…

If you do prefer the blue and pink I have myself tried three different chemicals with surprisingly different results.

Elsan (blue and pink) Chemicals For Caravan Toilets.

Elsan Blue Toilet Fluid, 2 Litre - BLU02
  • Elsan Blue chemical toilet fluid - 2 litre
  • Powerful anti-bacterial formula kills germs and bacteria
  • Eliminates unpleasant odours
  • Exceed the British Standard BS. 2893:1989
  • Non-staining - suitable for all chemical toilets and cassettes

This is the first chemical that I ever purchased with my first ever caravan.

It does a fantastic job. Period. The chemicals are thick and seem to dilute for ever. When I empty the toilet the water is still blue even if the toilet has been used for number twos and smells just as fresh as when it comes out of the bottle.

Note – if you get different results from me then I have to say that I am very generous with the amount of toilet chemicals that I use.

Aldi Caravan Toilet Chemical

Aldi Caravan toilet chemical for portable toilets

I have only ever used the Aldi toilet chemical once for two reasons.

The first is that I wasn’t that impressed by comparison to the Elsan. It seemed to be like comparing cheap orange cordial. The dilution just wasn’t that great and I felt that any financial saving would be counter acted by this.

Secondly, as with most Aldi products, when it’s gone from the middle isle it really has gone.  So if you try it and like it you may need to buy in bulk next time you see it.

Elsan Green Caravan Toilet Chemical

Elsan ORG02 Organic Toilet Fluid for Motorhomes, Green, 2 Litre
  • Dissolves waste and removes odours naturally and has delightful mild fragrance
  • Dissolves waste and removes odours naturally
  • Can be used in both flush and waste tanks
  • Biodegradable and free from harsh chemicals
  • Encourages the biological decomposition of waste

A game changer for me.  

It’s my current favorite topic to talk to other caravan owners about. (I know, I need to get a life!)

The reviews on this are excellent. So I though, “I must give this a go!”

A big advantage is that you can use it in both the cassette and in the top header tank, so you only need to carry one bottle instead of two. 

It leaves a fresh apple type smell in the toilet instead of the usual chemical smell (although I do quite like the strong chemical smell if I’m honest)

It seems to do a good job of breaking down everything in the toilet. 

The best part is that it is free of some of the nasty chemicals that can harm not just the environment, but also ourselves.

Some toilet cleaners contain Biocide. This is harmful to the environment in the same way that pesticides are. 

But it gets worse.

Many toilet chemicals contain Formaldehyde.  This can cause us humans many problems if you are exposed to it, the most worrying consequence of Formalderhyde being cancer.

However these can be found in many household products, so don’t worry too much.

On balance

The fresh smell, and considering the harm to the environment and to humans, I would be persuaded to use the Green toilet chemicals.

From experience, the better brands such as Thetford and Elsan tend to be better.  The best of the elsan Green is that it is not too expensive. 

So you can do your bit without having to part with more of your hard earned cash.

Other popular caravan toilet chemicals

Blue Diamond Chemical Toilet Fluid Twin Pack 2L for Camping Caravan & Motorhomes
  • Chemical Toilet Fluid & Bowl Cleaner
  • 2l Pink Bowl Cleaner & 2l Blue


Elsan 2Lt Double Blue + Free Rinse
  • Elsan 2Lt Double Blue Free Rinse
  • Brand : Elsan
  • Product type: CLEANING AGENT
  • 1.00 l Pack of 2


Cleenly Blue 2L and Pink 2L Toilet Chemical Rinse Solution Fluid Cleaner for Caravan and Motorhomes - Eco-Friendly, Formaldehyde Free - Upto 20 Treatments
  • A unique and fast-acting formula to safely break down waste that’s found in chemical and motorhome toilets. Helps to keep the waste tank clean as it effectively breaks down waste to make the emptying process easier.
  • With a fresh and clean fragrance, this blue toilet fluid helps to remove bacteria, germs and nasty odours. Reduces gas build-up to keep the toilet fresh and clean. Use every 4-5 days to make sure waste is broken down and odours are kept to a minimum.
  • Cleenly’s Pink Toilet Fluid is the perfect product to use to remove caravan and motorhome toilet odours. Designed to deodorise caravan and motorhome toilets and leaves behind a fresh and clean fragrance
  • Helps to keep flush water clean, which is often a common cause of nasty odours in motorhome toilets. Leaves a protective layer around your ceramic or plastic toilet bowl so that the flush system can work more effectively
  • The smaller bottle is perfect for those who are going on a caravan holiday as less storage and packing space is needed!


Caravan Toilet Chemical Questions

What is the best caravan toilet cleaner?

For many years most in the caravan world have liked very thick blue liquids.  However many people are now turning to the environmentally friendly Elsan Blue for reasons of environment, health, value and convenience as you use the same chemical in the header tank as you do in the cassette.

What Chemicals do I need for my Thetford Toilet?

You may use any brand in the Thetford toilet, or you can use Thetfords own brand chemicals for your portable toilet.

Thetford 30459CO Toilet Fluid and Rinse Concentrate Duo Pack, Blue & Pink, 1.53 Litre
  • Duo pack containing a 780ml bottle of Aqua Kem Blue Lavender concentrate and a 750ml bottle of Aqua Rinse concentrate; Aqua Kem Blue; Powerful and easy to use toilet fluid for the waste holding tank; Outstanding odour control; Liquifies waste for easier tank emptying; Reduces gas build-up; Aqua Rinse Plus; Forms a protective layer to block build-up and bacteria; Highly effective for a smoother flush; Improved formula keeps flush water clean

How can I stop my caravan toilet from smelling?

By using caravan toilet chemicals in both the header tank and in the cassette.  Use a generous amount of chemical and clean the cassette toilet regularly.




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