Best Caravan Awning Storm Straps and Pegs

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Adding an awning to your caravan is a great way to increase the space of your motorhome without upgrading to a larger model. There are a wide variety of awnings available to buy so there is something to fit everyone’s needs.

Caravan stays in the UK are becoming more and more popular over the years. Many people want to explore the UK by visiting many different hotspots around the country. Owning a motorhome will allow you to do just this.

As most caravan owners will know, there is a peak and off-peak season. During the off-peak times, the weather can get a little questionable.

If you are using an awning during these months, we always recommend using storm straps and pegs to keep your awning secure.

Is a Storm Strap Right For You?

If you’re completely new to the awning game, then you may wonder if a storm strap is an absolute must for you. Well, let us break them down further to help you out!

Storm straps are used to keep your awning super secure to the ground when your caravan is parked up on site. They act as additional support to your awnings polls. Generally, the storm straps are attached to the corners of your awning to protect from any strong winds.

We all know how a small bluster of wind can turn into being windswept within minutes in the UK. A storm strap will keep your awning in its correct, upright position. There is nothing worse than coming back to the campsite and seeing that your awning is collapsed.

The best thing about storm straps is that they don’t always have to connect to the awning fabric. The best storm straps wrap around the corner poll connections. This is ideal as it doesn’t look messy or out of place. It actually looks quite tidy.

Avoiding Hazards

By using the above method, you will also avoid any potential hazards.

Some storm straps are way too long and have to be connected diagonally over the awning. This is not the best look neither is it the easiest storm strap to connect.

Another thing that can cause trips or falls is the use of dull coloured storm straps. Now, you may think that the darker colours suit your awning better, however, they can be quite dangerous.

As the storm straps are approximately 1m to 2m in length and are secured across the ground, they can be a tripping hazard. To keep yourself and others safe, we advise getting brightly coloured storm straps.

The best storm straps you can find are the fluorescent coloured straps. These will be visible night and day as you will be able to spot them easily. Some of our favourite products are:


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Fiamma Awning Storm Strap

Fiamma Awning Storm Strap Tie Down S Kit Yellow 98655-567

This storm strap is a complete kit that consists of two adjustable straps, two stakes, two tension springs, and two frontal hooks. This is pretty much everything you need to keep your awning protected in any weather the UK throws at you.

They are also a bright yellow colour that makes them easy to spot. This is a great kit that is ideal if you are on a budget but want to keep safe when at your campsite.

Fiamma Awning Storm Strap Tie Down S Kit Yellow 98655-567
  • fastening set for Fiamma (F35, F45, F65)
  • ultimate hold even in demanding weather conditions
  • hung directly into the awning frame
  • made of a highly durable nylon fabric for more stability

Bison Gear Ratchet Straps

Ratchet Straps 20ft (6m) 4 Pack 1000kg Break Strength High Visibility UV Resistant Heavy Duty Cargo Tie Down Straps by Bison Gear® (6m 1000kg Break Strength, Neon Green)

Our second storm strap recommendation is perfect if you need something a little longer than our first suggestion. These ratchet storm straps are 6m long. The heavy-duty design of these straps will help them stay durable in any weather.

Like our other recommendation, these straps are fluorescent yellow. They also have the word caution printed on them that helps to identify any potential hazard to any person walking by. They’re also a reasonably priced strap.

Ratchet Straps 20ft (6m) 4 Pack 1000kg Break Strength High Visibility UV Resistant Heavy Duty Cargo Tie Down Straps by Bison Gear® (6m 1000kg Break Strength, Neon Green)
  • ▶ LIFETIME WARRANTY - Buy from a British family business and receive a lifetime warranty. In the unlikely event that one of our ratchet straps fails we will replace it, regardless of the age. We call that customer service.
  • ▶ STRONG AND LONG - Our 6m (20ft) 1000kg Break Strength heavy duty 1in ratchet straps are GS Certified. This means they have passed the stringent German Technical Safety Standards. Unlike lash or cam buckle straps, our ratchet straps will not loosen on long journeys so no matter what you transport on the roof rack of your car, suv, van, truck or trailer, your cargo is safe and secure.
  • ▶ RELIABLE AND EASY TO USE – Our premium ratchet straps are easy to use. Our handles are designed with rubber grips that STAY ATTACHED. In addition, our galvanized 9mm steel core Deep S hooks are hard bond rubber coated ensuring no scratches or damage to anchor points. Perfect for securing your canoe, kayak, motorcycle, mountain bike, jet ski, boat and more.
  • ▶ HIGH VISIBILITY CHEVRON - Avoid the dangers of hard to see straps with our HEAVY DUTY neon REVERSABLE tie downs which ensure trip hazards are reduced & that load points are clearly visible. Our INDUSTRIAL GRADE non-scratch ratchet straps are UV Protection Coated.
  • ▶ GUARANTEED SATISFACTION – Your satisfaction is paramount to us – in the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with any part of your experience with our products we will refund you. So go ahead, buy the best 1 inch ratchet strap pack on Amazon!

Ratchet Straps Vs. Plastic Clips

Above we have recommended storm straps in both forms – either a plastic clip or a ratchet strap. Whatever you prefer, you can find a suitable storm strap. But which type of storm strap is better?

In our opinion, ratchet straps provide better quality storm protection than the plastic clip option. The main reason for this is that ratchet straps are made from metal that provides a lot more durability in any weather.

They can be slightly more expensive than the plastic version, but the ratchet straps will last longer in our opinion. We have tried and tested both options and always come back to ratchet storm straps.

Plastic clip storm straps are great if you need a quick fix however there are so many available on the market that are manufactured with poor quality materials. Many are designed with quick release clips that, unfortunately, don’t always withstand the UK weather conditions.

The Importance of Storm Strap Springs

Keeping your awning secure during the worst weather conditions can be a tricky thing to do. You want to keep your awning protected and properly secured to the ground. However, some storm straps do fasten way too tight.

The problem with these types of storm straps is that they put pressure on the awning polls. This will cause the polls to bend out of shape. Ultimately, this will change the way your awning is shaped when put up.

Thankfully, there is a simple solution to this problem. When you are looking for storm straps, check if the kit comes with storm strap springs. These accessories will allow the straps to move around slightly.

You may be thinking, why on earth would you want your storm straps to move? Well, during high winds your straps will be under a lot of tension. The springs help to release some of this pressure and prevent damage to your awning poles.

PLS Caravan Motorhome Awning Tie Down Kit

No products found.

This storm strap kit includes fluorescent yellow straps, thick metal pegs, and a metal spring. This is a basic kit but will keep your awning secure all the same.

The kit is suitable for awnings up to 7.5m so keep that in mind before purchasing.

No products found.

Caravan Awning Pegs

Another important accessory that you need to consider are the awning pegs.

The straps can be the best on the market but if you don’t secure them with top quality pegs, then you risk them blowing away in the wind.

Before buying the best rated online, you should consider where you will be camping. Is the ground soft? Is the ground hard? Depending on where you’re setting up camp, you will need different pegs to keep your caravan awning in place.

To help you out, we are going to take a look at the top qualities you should be looking for when buying awning pegs for both hard and soft ground conditions.

Soft Ground

If you are camping somewhere with soft ground conditions, you’re going to want to use a peg that grips into the ground. The best awning pegs for this time of ground surface are twist/screw anchor pegs.

These pegs can vary in length. The longer the peg is, the secure the awning is to the ground. Twist anchor pegs are designed just like a screw. The top of the peg has a wider area that can be used to apply pressure to when twisting into the ground.

You must be careful when using these types of pegs as they are predominantly made of plastic. Do not apply too much pressure to the peg as you may risk damaging or snapping the peg.

Once you have twisted these pegs into the soft ground, your awning will be properly secured. You may think that these pegs have so many advantages and they do. However, they are not suitable for hard ground surfaces.

The amount of pressure you will need to put on these pegs to screw them into a hard ground surface is too much for them to handle. The pegs will simply break. It will be too difficult to secure these pegs in hard or rocky ground conditions so just leave them for softer grounds.

Some of our favourite products available include both plastic and metal versions. If you have a smaller awning or if you know the winds aren’t going to be as high, then you will be fine with the plastic twist anchor pegs. If you need further protection, it is best to opt for the metal anchor pegs.

Peggy Peg Screw-in Peg StartKit

Peggy Peg - Ground Pegs StartKit with Tent Pegs & Combi Tool - Screw in Tent Pegs for Soft Ground to Hard Ground (incl. Pre-drillers)- Tent Pegs Ideal for Camping & Outdoor - Tent Fixing

This is a great piece of kit to take with you on your motorhome adventures. It includes thirty 20cm screw pegs, twenty 12cm screw pegs, a carry bag, a Kombi tool, and a connecting hook. These pegs are so easy to secure thanks to the great design.

The pegs can easily be stored away in the handy carry bag included with your purchase. The range of pegs included in the product will help to keep awnings of various sizes secured during windy weather conditions.

Peggy Peg - Ground Pegs StartKit with Tent Pegs & Combi Tool - Screw in Tent Pegs for Soft Ground to Hard Ground (incl. Pre-drillers)- Tent Pegs Ideal for Camping & Outdoor - Tent Fixing
  • COMPLETE SET: The Peggy Peg Camping Pegs StartKit contains everything you need on the campsite. With 2 different types of pegs, a combi tool, 2 pre-drills and a practical carrying bag, you are perfectly equipped for securing your caravan awning, family tent or annex.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Peggy N are height-adjustable screw-in tent pegs for 85% of all ground types. With the hook perfect to secure awnings, guy ropes, guy lines, tents, etc. The screw peg S is used without hooks and is therefore primarily intended for eyelets on tent skirts and for tent carpets.
  • STURDY MATERIAL: Made from high-strength, fibreglass-reinforced polyamide, our polyamide tent pegs are five times lighter than conventional metal pegs, yet offer ten times better grip.
  • SOFT & HARD GROUND: Peggy Peg tent pegs are made from UV-resistant plastic. In combination with their height adjustable system and compressing and cutting thread it also makes them ideal as tent pegs for firm sand and soft ground but also for hard, rocky surfaces.
  • GROUND FIXING WITH A SYSTEM: Our extensive range of tent pegs and tent stakes cover a wide variety of uses in the camping sector. That's why our products are used by motorhome and caravan owners as well as tent campers all over the world

Blue Diamond Pile Driver Pro Tent Pegs

Blue Diamond Pile Driver Pro Pegs

Our second recommended product are these heavy-duty metal twist anchor pegs. The top of these pegs are coated with recycled plastic that adds comfort when twisting the peg into the ground.

Included in your purchase you will receive twenty pegs which are 20.5cm in length. They also come in a handy case made from recycled plastic and are made in the UK. If you need some extra support for your awning, these are a great choice.

Blue Diamond Pile Driver Pro Pegs
  • Heavy duty plastic head.
  • Fantastic on grass and hardstanding.
  • Made in Great Britain.
  • Recycled plastic case and peg top that can be recycled again and again.

Hard Ground

When it comes to hard ground surfaces or even rocky surfaces, the awning pegs that you will need are quite different. When you think of harder surfaces, you’re going to need metal pegs that can withstand a hard knock from a mallet.

The type of awning peg that you need to use for hard or rocky surfaces are v-shaped metal pegs. These pegs have a v-shape at the end of the peg that can easily be hit into a harder surface. This design helps them to stay put on harder grounds.

The main reason why you shouldn’t use these pegs on soft ground is due to its design. Soft or even wet ground needs something to grip onto to keep an awning safely secured in place.

With these pegs, there is no grip. They are designed in a straight manner with a v-shaped point at the end. This design could easily become loose if placed on softer ground surfaces. The design makes them the best choice for hard or rocky surfaces.

The best v-shaped pegs are the ones with a simple design that are made from metal. We have tried out so many pegs and the below work so well on hard or rocky ground surfaces.

Com-four® V-shaped Pegs

com-four® 48x Tent Pegs Made of Steel - Robust V-Shaped Pegs for Camping and Outdoors - Ideal for Normal Ground - 30 cm

These pegs are made to be extremely durable. They are made from steel so will not bend or snap when being secured into the ground. They come in a pack of 48 pegs so you will be able to double up if needed.

If you are going to a rocky campsite then have no fear! These pegs can stabilise even the trickiest of ground surfaces. They’re a great addition to your awning kit.

com-four® 48x Tent Pegs Made of Steel - Robust V-Shaped Pegs for Camping and Outdoors - Ideal for Normal Ground - 30 cm
  • Great Equipment: The tent pegs provide optimal support and are ideal for outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, festivals, etc.
  • Versatile Use: The practical V-shaped pegs are used for securing tents, gazebos, awnings, privacy screens, awnings, fishing accessories and much more.
  • Extremely Stable: The robust pegs are made of high-quality steel and can be easily hammered into normal ground with a rubber mallet.
  • Flexible Use: The tent pegs are ideal for forest and meadow grounds, have great stability and are difficult to bend.
  • Box contents: 48 x tent pegs // Material: Steel // Dimensions: 23.5 x 2 cm // Colour: Silver.

The Pros and Cons of Using Awning Ladders

Awning ladders are another great accessory to use if you are camping somewhere with uneven ground. They are made from a rubber that can provide some flexibility. Due to this, they can remove some of the tension from the storm straps.

Most people will add an awning ladder in between their side fixings when pegging down the awning. The ladder design of the accessory allows you to peg down according to the uneven surfaces you may encounter.

They are a handy accessory to use now and then. However, don’t use these instead of storm strap springs. As awning ladders are made from rubber, they can snap during super high wind weather conditions.

If you’re interested in getting some of these awning ladders, we have left our top recommended product below. If you know the weather may turn a little windy, they can take some pressure off your awning storm straps.

Pennine Caravan Awning Ladders

30 X Caravan Awning Rubber Ladder Bands

These awning ladders provide everything you need from one of these products. The rubber material helps to keep the ladder flexible over the most uneven terrain. Included in this pack are thirty ladders and they are reasonably priced.

30 X Caravan Awning Rubber Ladder Bands
  • 30 X Caravan Awning Rubber Ladder Bands


We hope that you have found some helpful recommendations in our post. Caravan awnings can majorly improve your campsite experiences.

If you are staying somewhere with questionable weather conditions such as high winds, you will definitely need to invest in some kit accessories to keep your awning secured.

Storm straps are an absolute necessity if you are camping in high winds. They will need to be brightly coloured to avoid any accidents from happening. The fluorescent coloured straps will stay visible night and day.

Remember to invest in both twist anchor and v-shaped metal pegs to safely secure your awning in both soft and hard ground conditions.

Having a range of pegs available to you will improve your trip as you won’t be constantly trying to correct the position of your awning.

If you have a wind-out awning attached to your caravan, we always recommend retracting it in high winds. You don’t want to risk damaging one of those awnings as the repair or replacement of them can get quite expensive.



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