Alko ATC Trailer Control System

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One of the ways that you can prevent your Caravan from snaking and losing control is to use devices that prevent this like the Alko ATC Trailer Control System.

Obviously the first thing that you should do is drive it a little bit slower and a little bit safer but if you do have a problem due to wind or other vehicles, perhaps larger vehicles like HGV‘s on the road, then your Caravan could start swaying, sometimes known as snaking.

You Can use more mechanical devices, such as anti-snake bars or hitch stabilizers however, these are best used in combination with some form of traction control. The most popular of these is the AlKo ATC Trailer Control System

The Al-Ko ATC system is basically designed to electronically monitor. The two wheels on your Caravan.

If you think about what actually happens in a situation, where are you? caravan starts to sway. One of the wheels will go faster than the other wheel and then milliseconds later this is reversed.

This perpetuates until your caravan is into a very heavy sway that, by the time that you as the driver notice, it could be too late to recover. If it were possible for a sensor to monitor and to automatically apply the brake on the caravan then it would pull the caravan back in line.

So How Does The AlKo ATC Trailer Control System Work?

The AL-KO Trailer Control System (ATC) operates to maintain stability during driving. It constantly monitors the caravans movements through sensors located on the caravan axle, which can detect any dangerous lateral (side-to-side) movements early on. Unlike the car’s stability system, the ATC is quicker in identifying such unstable movements thanks to its continuous signal evaluation.

When it perceives an imminent danger, it shifts into an “attention mode,” allowing it to react swiftly. If the trailer begins to sway beyond safe limits, the ATC automatically activates the trailer’s brakes gently without requiring any action from the driver.

This automatic braking helps to realign the trailer, mitigating the sway and bringing the trailer back to a stable driving condition.

What The Alko ATC LED light Is For, On The Front Of The Caravan

alko atc trailer control system LED Light

The LED light on the front of the caravan, illuminates red when you first plug in the Caravan’s electric

The ATC system then performs a self test and the light turns green when all is good and ready to drive.

If your light is flashing green then this means that although the test is complete and everything is safe, the caravan hasn’t yet settled the best thing to do is to pull forward slightly with the Caravan, re-apply the brakes and you should find the grit lights will now turn green.

If the light is flashing red, this indicates that there is a problem and you shouldn’t drive or tow the caravan.

Replacing the Al-Ko ATC LED Lamp

If your LED doesn’t illuminate but you do hear the ATC system completing a test, (this is a kind of whining sound) then the chances are that your LED needs replacing

You can replace the LED lamp. And not the holder. However, when I tried this, I found that the holder broke whilst trying to replace the LED lamp. You can buy a lamp only here on eBay

Should this happen then you will need to replace the entire holder.  Different holders are sold for different caravan models This one on eBay is for a swift/stearling.

This one is for Coachman / Lunar / Elddis caravans

This isn’t difficult to do as the new lamp holder comes with a plug-in socket that just requires Unplugging the old holder and plugging in the new holder however.

The price of the Al-Ko ATC LED lamp holder has increased significantly in recent years. This is worth, bearing in mind before you attempt to replace the LED lamp because replacing the fitting will cost about 20 times more than the LEG lamp only

Is the Al-Ko ATC worth it?

Having owned a Caravan with an Al-Ko ATC system filtted, would be reluctant to go back to a Caravan that didn’t have the system.

I find that when I tow my caravan and a HGV overtakes me, I feel more in control. On the motorway driving at around 50 mph, I’m often unable to feel that I’m towing a caravan at all.

Does the Al-Ko ATC system cause you to use more fuel?

I haven’t noticed a significant difference in the fuel consumption when using a Caravan that has the Alco ATC system fitted, however in theory, because the system often uses the brakes whilst driving then yes he probably does use slightly more fuel, but not that I’ve noticed in the time that I’ve been using the system

Can you fit your own Al-Ko ATC system?

Like with any mechanical or electrical item that you can buy for your caravan, then theoretically, you can fit the ATC system yourself and maintain it yourself.

I would however recommend that particularly anything to do with the braking system of your caravan if you are not 100% confident I would suggest getting a maintenance engineer to fit system. You may however find that you make a saving by purchasing the item yourself and getting it fitted Rather than paying the price charged by the dealer.

Do insurance companies give you extra discounts if you have the Al-Ko ATC System fitted?

Some insurance companies may give a more favourable price if you have an Al-Ko ATC system fitted. They may require it to have been fitted by a competent person so it is worth checking with your insurance company.


In conclusion, the Al-ko ATC system is a great safety addition to your caravan. I have found the system easy to use and in combination with my hitch stabiliser, I feel that I am doing everything that I can to protect myself and my family from being involved in an accident, particularly on the motorway.

I would therefore recommend the use of the Al-Ko ATC system regardless of the size and age of your caravan or towing vehicle.



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